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Producers and researchers recognize good teachings from the BASAL project (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, May 15.- One of the connection points with other provinces of the country worked in the municipality of Florida for the Workshop on the Completion of the Project on Environmental Bases for Local Food Sustainability (BASAL), an initiative that leaves good lessons and practices to protect natural resources and promote agricultural activity with methods that allow adaptation to climate change.

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Using the Virtual Researcher will help win the battle against COVID-19 (+ Audio)

Florida, May 19.- The Virtual Pequisador is one of the tools designed to increase epidemiological surveillance and timely attention to the population in times of COVID-19. Unfortunately in Florida, the use of the digital application is not widespread and this prevents the collection of necessary information from Public Health professionals. Continue reading

Virtual researcher: reporting early helps epidemiological surveillance

Florida, Apr 22.- The epidemiological control in Cuba against Covid19 adds a new way of communication with the people; The mobile application, Pesquisador Virtual, gives people the opportunity to report symptoms, if they had contact with a confirmed case and their chronic conditions. Continue reading