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Being a lay judge is a great opportunity, I really like it (+Audio and Post)

Florida, Feb. 14.- Sara Fernández Valdés, a worker in the Statistics Department of the Manuel Piti Fajardo municipal hospital in Florida, has been a lay judge of the Municipal Court of the territory for several years.

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Training in responsibility values ​​shared by Florida family and school (+Audio and Photos)

Florida, Feb 7.- When a society has educated young people with a good preparation that allows them to decide on their way of thinking and acting, subversion has no place; On the subject of manipulation in social networks, Leslie Carvajal, a student at the Rolando Valdivia pre-university in the municipality of Florida, assures that “I use them to upload photos, look for information about artists or for school work, but nothing else.”

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Responsibility, solidarity and self-care, key pillars to face the resurgence of COVID-19 (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 17.- The real possibility of overcoming them also depends, to a great extent, on the human will and the psychological strength with which we face the adversities of life, including health problems.

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Determining self-protection and collective responsibility in the face of the current outbreak of COVID-19 (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 11 – The fourth wave of COVID-19 outbreak reached the municipality of Florida since the end of last December and found a population where more than 89 percent of citizens completed their vaccination schedule against the pandemic.

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Our responsibility with the people is to work¨ (+ Audio)

Florida, March 26.- Mr. Raúl Tan Casas, is the nurse at the Family Medical Office number 34 belonging to the northern health area of the city of Florida. Continue reading

President of the Government in Florida calls for responsibility in the face of epidemiological situation (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 26.- Remarks by Deputy Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández, President of the Government in Florida in an interview for Radio Florida about the new measures and the call to the responsibility of the Floridian people in the face of the epidemiological situation that the municipality presents in the face of the pandemic of the Covid-19.

Protecting infants: responsibility of the elders of the family (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 27.- The number of COVID-19 cases increasing in infants during this regrowth stage is significant in Cuba. The need to correctly apply hygienic-sanitary measures on the part of adults in charge of the smallest of the house, is vital to counteract these unfortunate results.

This is confirmed by several Florida mothers who shared their experiences in the current stage of the pandemic with Diala González Ramallo, a journalist for Radio Florida.

Responsibility is lacking; call of alert against COVID-19

Florida, Jan 21.- My friends, what I am going to repeat in this comment has already been said by all possible means and ways so that it is understood and acted upon: Cuba is currently going through an extremely complex situation in the confrontation to the COVID-19 pandemic, based on the daily report of hundreds of infected people, and a drag of thousands of direct and indirect contacts that could also be victims of the new coronavirus. Continue reading

Global solidarity and shared responsibility for World Day to Combat HIV / AIDS

Florida, Dec 1.- This December 1st, when the World Day to Fight HIV / AIDS is celebrated, under the motto of “global solidarity, shared responsibility”, the commemoration will be marked by the new coronavirus pandemic, but to Despite the challenges imposed by it, the country continues the fight against STIs and HIV / AIDS. Continue reading

Discipline and responsibility: determinants to live the new normal (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 13.- In the municipality of Florida, as in a good part of the country, the stage called the new normal began this Monday, October 12, in which it is intended to restore productive activity and services by strengthening epidemiological surveillance, in addition compliance and control of hygienic-sanitary measures.

This is reflected by the journalist Marisol León Álvarez in the following report that she presented to the Radio Florida news program.