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We all have a responsibility to COVID-19

Florida, Sep 7 – The care and maintenance of the hygienic-epidemiological situation of the municipality of Florida in the current situation not only depends on the authorities and Public Health workers, or the government and the highest leadership of the Party and the Government, constituted Now in the Defense Council, it is, or should also be, a concern of each and every one of us, if we really want to preserve health, emotional stability and common well-being in our family and our people. Continue reading

Discipline and responsibility in the 42nd edition of the community program Somos Continuidad en Florida (+ Photos)

Florida, Sep 5.- The 42nd edition of the We Are Continuity Community Work Program took place this Saturday in the 28th district of the popular council of Agramonte in the municipality of Florida. Continue reading

We live in a moment that demands a lot of responsibility (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 25.- In recent weeks, many Floridians have participated in popular mobilizations called in the territory to materialize the plans for planting sugarcane and various crops planned for the current spring stage and guarantee food security in the territory. Continue reading