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Official of the Cuban Parliament recognizes the results of the Florida Sorbitol Plant (+ Post)

Florida, Feb. 16.- “We want Floridians and other inhabitants of the eastern region of the country to see in the Sorbitol derivatives plant of the Ignacio Agramonte power plant an important industry in the satisfaction of their needs and in the development of their daily lives”.

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Floridian farmers summoned to improve their productive results (+Photos and Posts)

Florida, Feb 11.- The municipality of Florida needs to raise and comply with each of the agricultural purposes planned for 2022, with the aim of improving the economic indicators of the territory and satisfying the demands of the people in this important sphere.

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Floridian journalists analyzed the results of the work in the last year (+Audio, Photos and Post)

Florida, Feb 11.- With the tribute and remembrance to the consecrated journalist Humberto Guevara Esquivel, the meeting of the base delegation of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC) of the Radio Florida Station began, an exchange that was chaired by Yuldis Márquez, president of that organization in the province of Camagüey.

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The results of the cultural work carried out in Florida during 2021 was recognized (+Post)

Florida, Jan 22.- The Luis Casas Romero House of Culture of the municipality of Florida was highlighted during the year 2021 in Camagüey, for obtaining more than 30 awards and recognitions in numerous provincial and national events and festivals held virtually, summoned by all the artistic manifestations and by different cultural institutions of the country.

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Concluding the school year with good results, the main challenge of the educational sector (+Audio)

Florida, Jan 22.- Raising the quality of Education and successfully completing the current school year, despite the current complexities, are some of the objectives prioritized by the Education sector in Florida for the current year 2022.

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Florida wrestler Lázaro Daniel Hernández for best results in 2022 (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 10 – For the Floridian fighter Lázaro Daniel Hernández, 2021 brought some experiences, although it was another year of limitations for sports activity due to the pandemic, so in the current calendar he will have to assume an extreme technical-tactical preparation to become the first Cuban figure in his division and make a Florida fighter once again part of the national team; a great desire for sports fans in this municipality.

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President of the Local Government recognizes the results of Las Martinas production base (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 30.- Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández, Deputy to the National Assembly of People’s Power for the municipality of Florida, recognized and congratulated here the group of workers of the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC) Las Martinas for becoming one of the entities linked to the agro-sugar system of central Argentina with better comprehensive results in 2021.

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Florida legal professionals celebrate their day with good results (+ Audio)

Florida, June 8.- The lawyers of the Collective Law Firm of the city of Florida celebrate this June 8 the Legal Worker’s Day, committed to defending the Revolution from their trenches and guaranteeing the quality of services despite the epidemiological situation presented by the municipality.

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Florida Dairy Combined Workers Recognized for 2020 Results

Florida, Apr 15.- The Camagüey dairy production company gave a special recognition to the group of workers of the Pasteurizer of the Florida municipality as a reward for the results achieved by this dairy group until the end of 2020.

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Health professionals congratulated for results in facing the pandemic

Florida, Mar 23.- The top management of the Public Health System of the municipality of Florida congratulated the more than 60 basic work groups made up of family doctors and nurses distributed throughout the territory, for their outstanding work in the preventive battle and coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading