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Florida legal professionals celebrate their day with good results (+ Audio)

Florida, June 8.- The lawyers of the Collective Law Firm of the city of Florida celebrate this June 8 the Legal Worker’s Day, committed to defending the Revolution from their trenches and guaranteeing the quality of services despite the epidemiological situation presented by the municipality.

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Florida Dairy Combined Workers Recognized for 2020 Results

Florida, Apr 15.- The Camagüey dairy production company gave a special recognition to the group of workers of the Pasteurizer of the Florida municipality as a reward for the results achieved by this dairy group until the end of 2020.

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Health professionals congratulated for results in facing the pandemic

Florida, Mar 23.- The top management of the Public Health System of the municipality of Florida congratulated the more than 60 basic work groups made up of family doctors and nurses distributed throughout the territory, for their outstanding work in the preventive battle and coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading

Shows satisfactory results cooperativa floridana (+ Photos)

Florida, Jan 25.- The Frank País García Agricultural Production Cooperative (CPA) of the Florida municipality fulfilled its production plan for the year and ended the 2019-2020 harvest with satisfactory results, as reported during the annual balance assembly of the grassroots organization. Continue reading

Cooperativa Saturnino Aneiro: the best in several indicators at the end of 2020

Florida, Jan 20.- “Our peasants are the main protagonists of the successes and results of the cooperative, due to their unconditional dedication to their tasks and because of their revolutionary condition that drives them to move forward in the midst of any shortcoming or short-term difficulty” Continue reading

Farm of various productions of Azumat for better results in 2021

Florida, Jan 15.- At the end of 2020, the Azumat Camagüey Farm of various productions, based in the municipality of Florida, reported the delivery of 164 tons of pork, which meant 88 percent of compliance with the year’s plan in the midst of a complex productive panorama, marked by the persistence of COVID-19 together with the intensification of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States government against Cuba. Continue reading

Florida Transportation Base concludes 2020 with positive results

Florida, Dec 28.- The Florida Transportation Base collective concludes this 2020 with positive results illustrated with the delivery of the Flag Proeza Laboral granted by the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba, and the 60th Anniversary of the Federation of Cuban Women , among other favorable aspects. Continue reading

Florida agricultural sector summoned to better results for the coming year

Florida, Dec 16.- When referring to the performance of the agricultural sector in the period that concludes the maximum political direction of the Florida municipality, I classify 2020 as a complex year, with a lot of effort and sacrifice on the part of those associated with the sphere, where they prevailed the incorporation of new productive areas and the mobilization of the people in fundamental tasks such as planting bananas and other food varieties. Continue reading

Cuban Deputy Health Minister Achieves Results in Visit to S. Africa

Cuban Deputy Health Minister Achieves Results in Visit to S. Africa

Cuban Deputy Health Minister Achieves Results in Visit to S. Africa

Pretoria, Jul 20 – Cuban Deputy Health Minister, Alfredo Gonzalez, meets today with South African Health Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, a meeting in which they will discuss the medical collaboration between both countries and its possible expansion.

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International Workers Day Full of Joy, Commitment and Results

International Workers Day Full of Joy, Commitment and Results

International Workers Day Full of Joy, Commitment and Results

Cuba, Apr 15 – Tania Diaz Bermudez, General Secretary of the labor organization in the province highlighted the main activities developed by the CTC in the political, economic and social sectors to salute International Workers Day.

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