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Family of Physical Culture and sports in defense of the Cuban Revolution

Florida, July 19.- The Florida Physical Culture and Sports Family rejects the accusations of violence and incitement of hatred promoted from social networks towards some of its professionals, and in this sense they reaffirm their position in defense of citizen tranquility conquered by the Cuban Revolution against those who try to destabilize the municipality.

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Committees for the Defense of the Revolution active in confronting the pandemic (+ Audio)

Florida, May 11 – The directors of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution in the municipality of Florida are active participants in the various actions carried out here as part of the confrontation with COVID-19, either as messengers to vulnerable people or of families that remain isolated in neighborhoods or communities with sources of transmission of the pandemic.

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Young Floridians committed to the work of the Cuban Revolution (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 3 .- Committed to the time they have had to live, young Floridians actively participate in all the tasks that the municipality demands today and reaffirm their commitment to the work of the Revolution.

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Young Cubans remain faithful to our principles and to the Revolution (+ Audio)

Florida, March 29.- This is how José Alberto Almeida, a 12th grade student at the Máximo Gómez Báez Pre-University Institute of Exact Sciences and president of the Federation of High School Students in the province of Camagüey said. Continue reading

Task Ordering: support and confidence in the work of the Revolution (+ Audio)

Florida, March 15.- The government, together with the rest of the administrative structures of Florida, maintain a constant vigilance on the implementation of the Ordinance Task in each space of the territory, to guarantee that no one is left helpless. Continue reading

Committees for the Defense of the Revolution active in the main fronts of daily action (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 16.- The Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) in the municipality of Florida are also inserted, from the neighborhood, in the tasks related to the confrontation with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Details of the actions carried out by the members of the largest mass organization in the country in this municipality are its main leader in Florida, Lázaro Molina Estoque, in the report that Mayelín Baryolo Rodríguez presented to the Radio Florida news program.

Sara Moredo, a woman incorporated into the work of the Revolution (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 8.- The insertion of Cuban women in the socio-political life of the country is considered one of the most successful social phenomena achieved by the Revolution in our country.

In the municipality of Florida, Sara Moredo Rodríguez is one of the women incorporated into active life since the late 1960s and she gave testimony to the journalist Mayelin Baryolo Rodríguez from the information services of Radio Florida about her experiences.

Expo fair in Florida in salute to the Triumph of the Revolution (+ Photos)

Florida, Dec 18.- Culture, Commerce and the Sugarcane Territorial Station are among the entities that participated in the exhibition held in Florida in greeting to the 62nd anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution and the 96th anniversary of the city being constituted as municipality. Continue reading

Yadamí Cardoso Hurtado: thanks to the Revolution I am a professional (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 16.- The Cuban Revolution has been a source of opportunities for the entire population and especially with young people who, like Yadamí Cardoso Hurtado, from Florida, have benefited from the immense work created in the country for the professional training of new generations. With her testimony, the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera prepared the following report for the information services of Radio Florida.

Resultados de traducción Florida participates in online event to honor the historic Leader of the Cuban Revolution

Florida, Nov 26.- The International Youth Encounter “Ideas that are Flags” dedicated to the Leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz began online with the participation of more than 2,000 organizations from 162 countries and has as its motto “Unity for solidarity , anti-imperialism and anti-neoliberalism: necessary transformation action in times of Covid ”. Continue reading