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Cuba saves, but the family has to save themselves first

A mother who cries in the face of the misfortune of her sick and life-threatening child always moves and brings compassion to the rest of those who know that this sincere cry comes from the soul and from the fear of losing a part of her life, a being that She saw herself come out and that has stolen the best moments of her existence. Continue reading

Secadero Las Enseibas exports, substitutes imports and saves fuel

Florida, Sep 3.- The Alejandro Sánchez Base Business Unit (UEB) collective, also known as the Secadero de “Las Enceibas” in the municipality of Florida, maintains its path in the tribute of exportable items, develops others that substitute imports and it advances in the implementation of initiatives to save energy carriers. Continue reading

Cuba is a sister reaching out to the poorest (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 16.- Cuba saves, that is the reality that bothers most the enemies of the Revolution, led by an aggressive, criminal empire and unable to protect its own citizens from a pandemic with which it was demonstrated to the world painfully the incapacity of accumulated wealth in a few hands and the importance of humanism, solidarity and a state’s respect for the rights of the people. Continue reading