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Florida educators continue to prepare conditions for the restart of the school year

Florida, Sep 28.- The arrangement of tables, chairs and other school facilities is among the actions carried out during this stage in the schools of the Florida municipality with a view to the resumption of the current school year in person.

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In a staggered manner, the school year will be restarted in Florida in person (+ Audio)

Florida September 20, 2021.- Successfully developing the school vaccination campaign to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and begin the teaching process in person are priorities for educators in the municipality of Florida at this stage.

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The current school year Prioritizes quality of teaching at the primary level (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 11.- The primary education level constitutes the education with the highest enrollment in the country and work is being done in all educational centers to create the conditions that guarantee the quality of learning so that they reach basic secondary school with the necessary knowledge to face the new content.

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New models of school uniforms are made at the Florida Shirt Factory

Florida, Sep 11.- The operators of the Florida Municipality Shirt Factory are redoubling their efforts these days to complete in record time the preparation of school uniforms that Floridian children and adolescents will use when they restart the new school year in person .

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The school year will begin by teaching the main contents in person

Florida, July 5 .- «School evaluations will not be applied without first teaching the main content in each subject in person,» said Niurka Turiño Fernández, head of the department of primary education in the municipality of Florida, with a master’s degree in science.

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The continuity of the school year demands the support of family members and students

June 2021.- The continuity of the 2020-2021 school year is a concern for the majority of the family with children of school age.

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José Martí Basic Secondary School will be a vaccination center for the elderly in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 11.- With the intention of ensuring the essential conditions for the development of the health intervention with the vaccine candidate Abdala, the José Martí urban basic secondary school in the municipality of Florida will become the vaccination center corresponding to medical office number 23 from the northern health area.

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Cooperativa Romárico Cordero de Florida enables school farm to socialize agroecological practices (+ Audio)

Florida, May 21.- The Project of Environmental Bases for Food Sustainability (BASAL) concluded after eight years of implementation in Cuba. Its financed stage ends but the good practices and lessons cultivated in the agricultural activity for the protection of natural resources and the promotion of methods and techniques for adaptation to climate change remain.

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Teachers work in school gardens in the Limited Autochthonous Transmission Phase (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 25.- In the municipality of Florida, educators demonstrate their support for the Revolution in the face of the complex epidemiological scenario that exists in this Phase of limited autochthonous transmission. Continue reading

Children of working mothers are cared for by the Camilo Cienfuegos school (+ Audio)

Florida, March 16.- Since the autochthonous transmission phase was decreed for the municipality of Florida due to the spread of COVID-19, the education sector has enabled two educational institutions to care for the children of working mothers who work in essential jobs . Continue reading