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Vacation plan at La Tomatera school for the summer months (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 24.- About twenty Florida schools will receive children and adolescents during the months of July and August, for which they have designed an instructional and recreational program.

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Farabundo Martí basic secondary school joins the call to produce food in Florida (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, Jul 8.- Agustín Farabundo Martí basic secondary school in the municipality of Florida joined the call to produce food, in an orchard that is expanding more and more and with varieties of crops. Continue reading

School collective Ramón López Peña enlists for September (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 6-The total dedication of teachers has been essential in this post-COVID-19 recovery stage. In the second phase that a good part of the country is already living, the teachers of the Ramón López Peña primary school, of the Conquista People’s Council, in this municipality of Florida evidences this. Continue reading

Camilo Cienfuegos Elementary School in Florida will meet as a summer school (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 4.- Among the measures implemented by the educational sector of the municipality of Florida for this post-COVID-19 recovery stage is the conditioning of educational institutions to accommodate the child of working mothers. Continue reading

Produce food, essential purpose in Tania La Guerrillera primary school (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, Jun 24.- At the Tania La Guerrillera primary school in the municipality of Florida we work in the production of food to contribute to the supply of the school canteen, a topic that the journalist Marisol León Álvarez addresses in the following report for the informative programming of Florida Radio.

Continuity of the school year employs teachers from Manuel Ascunce Elementary (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 22.- At the Manuel Ascunce Domenech primary school in the municipality of Florida, all educators enroll to give continuity to the school period, the director of the center, the Master in Sciences Yanira Pérez Sánchez gives details of the actions to be carried out in the following report from collaborator Luis Ortiz Chaviano for information services from Radio Florida.

Floridian teachers return to educational institutions (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 20.- The educational sector has begun to implement various actions to gradually and asymmetrically return to the new normal, these days guidance is received and work is carried out with the aim of creating all the conditions for the restart of school year next September. Continue reading

Our commitment is to produce food and other foods for the school (+ Audio )

Florida, Jun 19.- That is the conviction of Oscar Tardío Brow and Ubaldo Cifonte Cárdenas, workers who work on the grounds of the José Luis Tassende Special School in the Municipality of Florida, with the mission of providing food to the school canteen.
The following report by the journalist Marisol León Álvarez for the Radio Florida news services gives details about the work being carried out in that agricultural area adjacent to the school center.


More than 20 Floridian students will enter the Sports Initiation School

Florida, Jun 15.- When the epidemiological situation allows it and a new course begins at the School of Sports Initiation (EIDE) of the province of Camagüey, 28 new athletes from the municipality of Florida will access this level of training, due to their physical potential and skills in each selected specialty. Continue reading

Supplying school canteens a priority for the educational sector in Florida (+ Audio )

Florida, Jun 11 The farm next to the Basic Secondary School in the Antonio Maceo field is one of the places that the education sector in the municipality of Florida has where responsibility and the sense of belonging of its workers prevail, committed to producing food for the students and the workers of the center and advance in this program of the Revolution. This is how journalist Marisol León Álvarez tells it in the following report for the informative programming of Radio Florida.