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Active educational sector of Florida in Exercise Meteoro 2023 (+Post)

Florida, May 23.- As part of the Meteoro 2023 Exercise, the municipal department of Education in the territory and its educational institutions carried out various actions aimed at reducing vulnerabilities in the face of natural, health and technological disasters, this year with the theme ¨In anticipating there is all the art of saving¨.

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Health promotion actions arrive to schools in Florida

Florida, Feb 9.- Pro- health specialists from the municipality of Florida hold an exchange with second-year students of the Accounting and Commerce majors of the Manuel Rivero Gómez de Avellaneda Polytechnic Institute of Economics (IPE).

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A variety of activities in Florida schools to celebrate Educator’s Day (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec. 19.- The Msc. Felipe Simón Luis is the director of Manuel Fajardo elementary school in the municipality of Florida, a center where various activities are carried out and planned to celebrate the Educator’s Day, which ends on December 22, a topic he addressed when interviewed by the journalist Marisol Leon Alvarez.

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Family Code vital for educational work in schools (+Audio and Post)

Florida, Sep 16.- The preparation and knowledge of primary school teachers about the new Family Code is essential to give the required treatment to the various situations that may arise in the classroom.

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Students of artistic specialties continue studies in Florida high schools (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 12.- After the reopening of the school year, students who study artistic specialties at the Nicolás Guillén Batista pedagogical school in the province of Camagüey conclude their studies in the municipality of Florida.

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Students are protected in our schools (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 23.- This was stated by the master Milagro Milián Alpizar, a school health advisor in the municipality of Florida, regarding the measures adopted in the different institutions of the educational sector in light of the current epidemiological situation that the municipality of Florida presents with an incidence rate of 11.3 during the last 15 days.

The details in the following report by Journalist Marisol León for the informational programming of Radio Florida.

Teaching schedules are adjusted in Florida elementary schools

Florida, Jan 19.- After determining phase three in the municipality of Florida due to the current epidemiological situation regarding the increase in people infected with Covid-19, the Education sector implemented various actions to guarantee the well-being of workers and students. Continue reading

Schools in the rural sector ready to avoid transmission of COVID-19 (Audio)

Florida, Oct 29.- In rural areas of the Florida municipality, children also know the hygienic measures to be applied in schools as of November 2, to avoid the transmission of COVID-19. This is reflected in the report that the journalist Marisol León Álvarez presented to the newsroom of Radio Florida.


To Florida schools 23 teachers graduated from the provincial pedagogical school (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 19.- The training of new teachers is vitally important for the educational development of the country; In the municipality of Florida, the teaching force is enriched by 23 new teachers recently graduated from the provincial pedagogical school. The following report is dedicated to the subject by journalist Marisol León Álvarez, from Radio Florida’s information services.

Educating and ensuring the well-being of students, a first-order task (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 11.- Despite the scarcity of resources and the difficult economic situation that the country is currently experiencing, Florida schools ensure the essential conditions to develop the educational-teaching process without difficulties, a mission that is achieved with the help of the students’ family. This is stated in the following report by Marisol León Álvarez, a journalist for Radio Florida’s information services.