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Lawsuit in Florida to improve social work with vulnerable families

Florida, Dec 17.- The program to care for vulnerable neighborhoods and communities in Florida needs to strengthen its economy to pay for works and activities, and greater integrity and systematize community social work, in order to guarantee greater protection for families in disadvantage and eradicate more problems that affect the collective well-being.

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North Florida health area with a favorable epidemiological situation (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, Feb 7.- The northern part of the Medical Assistance system in this Florida municipality does not lose heart in the confrontation with the COVID-19 pandemic; Dr. Zenia Batista Agüero, Director of the Norte Doctor Fernández Gil polyclinic, told Radio Florida that “At the moment the situation in that health area is quite favorable compared to what was experienced the previous year; less than 10 cases a day are manifesting to us, mostly contacts of confirmed cases.

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Temporary Group of the Provincial Government evaluates the epidemiological situation of the municipality of Florida

Florida, Aug 13.- The top management of the Temporary Group of the Government in the province of Camagüey evaluated this Thursday the complex epidemiological situation and the plan to deal with COVID-19 in Florida, with emphasis on the need to reinforce multisectoral work in prevention and extreme rigor in health care in this municipality, which reports the highest incidence rate of the virus in the entire territory of Agramontino.

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Given the epidemiological situation in Florida: greater citizen discipline and rigor of the investigation

Florida, Aug 9.- The epidemiological situation continues with a high degree of complexity in Florida at the end of August 6, a day in which 123 new autochthonous infections of COVID-19 and two other fatalities due to the pandemic.

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Popular Council of San Antonio presents a favorable epidemiological situation

Florida, Aug 4.- The popular council of San Antonio presents a favorable epidemiological situation, without reporting COVID-19 cases so far, due to strict compliance with the hygienic-sanitary measures established in that demarcation.

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Florida inspectors increase their actions in the face of local epidemiological situation

Florida, July 5 – More than 70 percent of the fines imposed by the Inspectors of the Comprehensive Supervision Directorate (DIS) of the municipality of Florida up to the current calendar correspond to the hygienic-sanitary situation of the territory marked by the increase in the number of infected with COVID-19.

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Florida’s epidemiological situation continues to be complicated

Florida, July 2 – At the close of June 30 in the municipality of Florida, 14 new positive diagnoses for COVID-19 are confirmed, all autochthonous infections that add to the current hospital list of 257 active patients with the virus in the territory.

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Recruciating of the blockade causes complex energy situation in Cuba, says Marrero Cruz

Havana, May 29.- The Prime Minister of Cuba, Manuel Marrero, ratified this Friday that the country faces a complicated energy situation due in large part to the coercive measures of the United States that restrict the obtaining of fuel.

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Current epidemiological situation and agricultural program are evaluated in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 27.-The current epidemiological situation and the behavior of the food production and sale programs in the municipality of Florida were evaluated here by the Directorate of the Defense Council in the province of Camagüey. Continue reading

The plans correspond to the situation we have in the Livestock (+ Audio)

Florida, March 5 .- The production and collection of milk are the main tasks of the food program in the municipality of Florida at the current stage. Continue reading