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Florida University Teachers and Students Support Health Intervention Process (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 12.- The Florida Municipal University Center will also be an active entity in the process of health intervention with the vaccine candidate Abdala that will benefit people over 60 years of age from mid-June.

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18 students of Library Science and documentary techniques completed their studies in Florida

Florida, Feb 20.- In the specialty of Librarianship and documentary techniques, 18 students graduated from the Manuel Rivero Gómez de Avellaneda Polytechnic Institute of the municipality of Florida after studying four years at that institution. Continue reading

Florida Students Prepare for College Entrance Exams (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 12.- The 12th grade students of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Pre-University Institute, of the municipality of Florida, maintain attendance at the preparation sessions for the entrance exams to Higher Education, without neglecting compliance with hygienic measures guided by health institutions to avoid contagion with COVID-19. Continue reading

Students in pre-professional practices without neglecting health (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 11.- Second-year students of the Commerce and Gastronomy career carry out pre-professional internships in various units of this sector of the municipality of Florida, always with the premise of complying with the established hygienic measures to prevent the spread and the contagion with COVID-19.

This is how the journalist Marisol León Álvarez explains it in the following report for Radio Florida’s informative programming.

Preserving the health of students: premise of university teaching (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 4.- The Florida Municipal University Center received this Monday, February 1, the students of the municipality enrolled in the Ignacio Agramonte University of Camagüey to start the 2021 school year with the premise of preserving the health of the students. Continue reading

School year for college students begins in Florida

Florida, Feb. 2.- The 2021 school year for students from the municipality enrolled in the Ignacio Agramonte University of Camagüey began on February 2 in Florida, a process that will be carried out with different characteristics due to the current epidemiological situation in the province. Continue reading

Students are protected in our schools (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 23.- This was stated by the master Milagro Milián Alpizar, a school health advisor in the municipality of Florida, regarding the measures adopted in the different institutions of the educational sector in light of the current epidemiological situation that the municipality of Florida presents with an incidence rate of 11.3 during the last 15 days.

The details in the following report by Journalist Marisol León for the informational programming of Radio Florida.

Execution of medical students: one of the cruelest acts of Spanish colonialism (+ Audio)

Florida, Nov. 27.- On November 27, 1871, the execution of the eight medical students occurred, an event that was marked in Cuba as one of the most unjust and cruel committed by Spanish colonialism, a regime that prevailed at that time in the island. More details through the following chronicle of the journalist Marisol León Álvarez.

In Florida graduation ceremony for students from high performance centers (+ Photos)

Florida, Oct 26.- A total of 28 athletes from the municipality of Florida who study at the Camagüey Provincial Sports Initiation School (EIDE) “Cerro Pelado”. they received in their homeland the titles of graduates of the ninth and 12th grade, to comply with the measures established against Covid-19. Continue reading

Educating and ensuring the well-being of students, a first-order task (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 11.- Despite the scarcity of resources and the difficult economic situation that the country is currently experiencing, Florida schools ensure the essential conditions to develop the educational-teaching process without difficulties, a mission that is achieved with the help of the students’ family. This is stated in the following report by Marisol León Álvarez, a journalist for Radio Florida’s information services.