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Havana Hosts International Fair of the Sugar Sector

caña-microHavana, Oct 15 – Luis Galvez, general director of the Cuban Institute of Research on Sugar Cane Derivatives has announced that Cuba and foreign companies in the fields of sugar processing are displaying  their products, services and technologies  at the commercial fair which is part of the 12th Internatonal Congress on Sugar and Sugar Derivatives, in Havana. Continue reading

Sugarcane Planting in Florida Gains Prominence

By Humberto Guevara

Florida, June 12. – In the municipality of Florida, sugar cane planting activities gain prominence and effectiveness. During the last days significant volumes have been planted in the agricultural system of the mills Argentina and Ignacio Agramonte thanks to the decision of local administration to integrate all state workers and efforts to this task.

As a result of this contribution Argentina mill has reached figures over the 20 planted hectares and at times up to 35, which are close to the needs to total the plan designed for the campaign. Continue reading

ANAP President Assesses the Increase of Sugar Plantations in Florida

Florida, March 6. – The possibilities of increasing the sugarcane plantations in the rural sector and the development prospects of the activity in agricultural cooperatives were evaluated in Florida attended by Orlando Lugo Fonte, president of National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the country.

In exchange with leaders of various organizations and especially of the Ruben Martinez Villena, a cooperative with potentiality to be reinserted into the sugar sector, Lugo Fontes considered feasible the projections program of land preparation and planting of sugarcane drawn by managers and farmers of this cooperative. Continue reading

Cane Producers From Argentina Sugar Company Surpass Planting Program

Florida, December 28 – The sugarcane producers belonging to Argentina Sugar Company completed in December the planting of 45 hectares committed for the month and with this they surpass the amount programmed to the entity for this year. Continue reading