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ANAP President Assesses the Increase of Sugar Plantations in Florida

Florida, March 6. – The possibilities of increasing the sugarcane plantations in the rural sector and the development prospects of the activity in agricultural cooperatives were evaluated in Florida attended by Orlando Lugo Fonte, president of National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the country.

In exchange with leaders of various organizations and especially of the Ruben Martinez Villena, a cooperative with potentiality to be reinserted into the sugar sector, Lugo Fontes considered feasible the projections program of land preparation and planting of sugarcane drawn by managers and farmers of this cooperative. Continue reading

Florida Hosts Provincial Celebrations for the Millionaire Movement Day

Florida, March 02. – The leadership of sugar industry union in the province of Camagüey will host the provincial celebrations for the Millionaire Movement Day next March 3, with members of the group of mechanized cutting of Argentina Mill, which two operators reached the relevant condition of Millionaires.

The information was released by leaders of the Labor Bureau from Argentina, who highlighted the start of a special week in order to surpass their harvest commitments by all groups involved in the work of cutting.

By conquering the venue of the activities to celebrate the Millionaire Movement Day this March 3, the workers of the mechanization group belonging to Argentina sugar system maintained their prominence, despite facing difficulties with the combined harvesters and low field preparation.