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End of summer activities reach Floridian neighborhoods and communities (+Photos)

Florida, Sep 3.- Children, young people and the general population of the José Martí Popular Council in the municipality of Florida enjoyed activities full of joy, fun and music, with the presentation of the artists of Abriendo Brecha, an extension of the Sociocultural Project Provincial Blow by Blow.

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Work of Sports and Recreation professionals during the summer is evaluated (+Photos)

Florida, Sep 2.- The work of professionals in the sector in Florida this summer was evaluated by directors of the National Institute of Sports and Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) on a tour of some athletic areas and facilities in the municipal capital.

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Hotel Florida: An option to enjoy the summer

Florida, Aug 2.- As part of the recreational options planned for the current stage of summer 2022, Hotel Florida joins with various proposals for those who decide to enjoy the facilities of the only hotel facility in the territory.

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Summer recreational options scheduled for Floridian educators

Florida, Aug 1.- The trips to the educators’ hostel located in Playa Florida are included among the recreational options planned for the enjoyment of the outstanding workers of the sector in this summer stage.

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English and Portuguese summer courses at Florida Language School

Florida, Jul 19.- As part of the program of activities planned in the territory for the current summer stage, the teachers of the Henry Reeve language school in the municipality of Florida teach summer courses in English and Portuguese for children, adolescents and young people as a way to offer healthy options for recreation and self-improvement.

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Renato Guitart Elementary School with Recreational Options for the Summer (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 10.- Among the priorities that the municipal direction of Education in Florida has this summer 2020 is the attention and care and healthy recreation of the children of working mothers. In this month of August, the Renato Guitart elementary school opened its doors as a recreational institution to receive the infants who attend it. Continue reading

Farabundo Martí School inserted in the Summer for Life program (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 4.- One of the educational institutions of the municipality of Florida that continues to provide services to the community is the Agustín Farabundo Martí Basic Secondary School, located in the Argentine People’s Council. The subject is provided in the following report by Luis Ortiz Chaviano, collaborator of the information services of Radio Florida.

La Vallita Mixed Center with recreational options for the summer (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 28.- The Heriberto Martín Guzmán mixed center located in the rural community of La Vallita is one of the schools that in this “Summer for Life” receives children and adolescents from that Popular Council with a well-designed program of activities . Continue reading

Vacation plan at La Tomatera school for the summer months (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 24.- About twenty Florida schools will receive children and adolescents during the months of July and August, for which they have designed an instructional and recreational program.

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Variety of summer options in children’s home without family protection (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 18.- The home for children without family protection in conjunction with the municipal directorate of Education in Florida designed a program for this summer that includes various activities for the enjoyment of the 10 infants who receive multiple care there. This is stated in the following report by Luis Ortiz Chaviano, collaborator of the information services of Radio Florida.