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Florida is ready for the dynamic test on March 19 (+ Audio)

Florida, March 17.- On March 19, the dynamic test will take place at the 136 electoral colleges in Florida, which will include a practical exercise with the use of the computer system and the validation stage, an action that will allow verifying the assurances for the general elections.

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Comprehensive improvement of the Family Medicine Program continues in Florida

Florida, Feb 11.- The directions of the Public Health system at the municipal level and in the two coexisting primary care areas in Florida defend, at the current stage, the momentum achieved since last year in the comprehensive improvement of the Physician Program and the Family Nurse.

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Florida Municipal Hospital: Zero Infant and Maternal Mortality by 2022

Florida, Jan 7.- The commander Manuel Piti Fajardo Municipal Clinical Teaching Hospital, in the municipality of Florida, concluded the year 2022 with zero infant and maternal mortality, a success that pays tribute to the new anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution and to Fidel Castro as the main architect of the new Cuban health system.

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Authorities in Florida call to intensify the confrontation with the Aedes aegypti mosquito

Florida, Sep 27.- The authorities of the Public Health system in the municipality of Florida called, once again, to intensify the missions to confront the Aedes aegypti mosquito in each neighborhood and community of the territory, taking into account the danger of this insect transmitter of dengue and other diseases.

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Florida Public Health System alerts to avoid outbreaks of COVID-19

Florida, Apr 18.- The entire Medical Assistance infrastructure of the Public Health system of the municipality of Florida remains alert to face any resurgence of COVID-19, even though 93 percent of the summoned population has already received the complete vaccination schedule and the call to comply with hygienic-sanitary measures to avoid contact with the pandemic is maintained.

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Abel Santamaría Cuadrado Cooperative, among the best in the Argentine sugarcane system (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 15.- The sugar harvest is the main motivation and source of income for hundreds of workers and their families in this Florida municipality.

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Workers of the Regionalized Medical Emergency System always ready to give their best (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 27.- The workforce of the Regionalized Medical Emergency System (SIUM) of the municipality of Florida faced multiple challenges during the year 2021, to maintain the technical resources for the transfer of patients.

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Youth brigades support the Public Health system in Florida

Florida, Jan 18.- Given the increase in positive cases for COVID-19 in the municipality, the Union of Young Communists (UJC) activated eight brigades to support the Public Health System; This was reported by José Agustín Clemo Cardona, First Secretary of the organization. Continue reading

Vector operators, important players in the Cuban Public Health system (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 26.- Workers of the Florida Municipality’s Anti-Vector Campaign are doing hard work to eradicate the Aedes aegypti mosquito foci, in order to guarantee a better quality of life for the population. The following report by journalist Mayelin Baryolo Rodríguez from Radio Florida’s information services deals with the subject.

Family care system; young people the bridge to reach those assisted (+ Audio )

Florida, Apr 24.- Miguel Muñoz Acosta, is a cook in the Family Care System (SAF) Polimerienda in the municipality of Florida, for him to carry out his work in this stage of the pandemic is a pride because this is how he demonstrates his humanism and commitment to the revolution. Continue reading