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Reforestation in Florida: an urgent task.

Florida, Feb. 17.- The Forestry Unit and the Florida Agricultural Company, together monopolize the largest number of hectares planned to be rehabilitated or covered with trees in the municipal Reforestation Plan of the current calendar. A commitment that requires working from now on with the aim of reaching the month of October with all the goals met.

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Confronting speculation and abuse in agricultural marketing the task of many (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 10.- Without a doubt, the commercialization of agricultural food through official spaces and others that guarantee access to less disrespectful prices for the consumer’s pocket has become a real headache for the municipality of Florida.

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Stomatologists ready to take on any task assigned to us (+ Audio)

December 2, 2021.- After assuming important missions in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the workers of the Florida Adult Stomatological Clinic return to provide services to the public.

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Attention to political and social organizations, a fundamental task of the Communist Party

Florida, Nov 4 – Among the fundamental tasks of the Communist Party of Cuba and its militancy, attention to the rest of the political and mass organizations stands out, with the aim of promoting the political-ideological formation of the new generations and the rest of the the population, guarantee the replacement in the ranks and the continuity of the Cuban social system.

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Agricultural contracting, a task to think and act as a country (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 12 – The contracting of agricultural productions for delivery in the coming year 2022 knocks on the doors of the municipality of Florida as one of the fundamental orders of farmers in the final stretch of the current calendar.

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Saving electrical energy, a task that concerns us all (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 10 – Saving and efficiently using electricity from homes is a way to help improve the country’s economy and avoid annoying blackouts, a purpose in which we can all play an important role.

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Confronting COVID-19 is the first order task that we have received (+ Audio)

Florida, May 14.- This was assured by Dr. Maikel Yoseph David, who directs the group of stomatologists of the Florida municipality who, distributed in the two Health Areas of the territory, have supported, for more than a year, the different tasks directed by the top local authorities in the frontal battle that is being waged here against COVID-19.

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It is urgent to advance in the ordering Task in the agro-productive sphere.

Florida, Mar 12.- Undoubtedly, there is still much to do and explain on the subject related to the implementation of the Ordinance Task in business entities, particularly in those belonging to the agriculture sector and the sugar cane field. Continue reading

Give continuity to the Life Task: a priority in the municipality of Florida

Florida, Feb 26.- More than 40 actions were planned in Florida to give continuity in 2021 to the implementation of the Life Task in the municipal plan to confront climate change, with emphasis on the need to minimize environmental risks and revive the natural ecosystems. Continue reading

We work to make the Life Task for Florida Beach come true (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 22.- The action of the Life Task conceived for the transfer of the families from Playa Florida to the mainland in the face of the danger of rising sea levels, did not have the continuity foreseen during the past year in this municipality, as consequence of non-compliance with the housing plan to respond to this preventive measure against climate change. Continue reading