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Dailen Mesa Borrero and her pride in being a teacher (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 22.- Dailen Mesa Borrero is a young teacher who attends the sixth grade at Enrique José Varona elementary school in the municipality of Florida, a center where, despite her short professional career, she already has experiences that have marked her life.

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Lisbey Álvarez Serrano: the best Community Physical Activity teacher in Camagüey

Florida, Dec 21.- The Florida graduate Lisbey Álvarez Serrano was selected the best teacher of Community Physical Activity during 2022 in the province of Camagüey, as part of the selection of the best athletes and coaches of the year within the Sport of Camagüey.

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Alberto Cristiá Torres: with almost 51 years of work, educating is his premise (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 16.- The Florida teacher Alberto Cristiá Torres represents an example for the group of the Manuel Fajardo elementary school where he works, he comments on the profession he chose:

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Florida teacher Odalys Madrigal Pérez receives Distinction for Cuban Education (+ Audio and Post)

Florida, Dec 16.- Regarding the Educator’s Day in the municipality of Florida, several workers in the sector with an outstanding career have been recognized during this stage, such as Odalys Madrigal Pérez, professor at Camilo Cienfuegos Unified Adult Center, who received the Distinction for Cuban Education.

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Lidia Mollinedo: every day I feel more proud to be a Teacher (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 13.- Lidia Mollinedo Hernández is one of the teachers at José Luis Tassende special school; 43 years teaching at the Domestic Education Workshop speak of her dedication to the preparation for life of students who have no possibility of exercising any trade.

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Nancy Álvarez Dorta, a special teacher (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 10.- José Luis Tassende school in the municipality of Florida serves students with special educational needs; One of the teachers that make up the faculty is teacher Nancy Álvarez Dorta.

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Yuya, a teacher who is not forgotten (+ Audio)

Florida, April 10.- Obdulia González Acosta is not widely recognized by name, since she has transcended among her students and parents in the classroom of the Semillitas del Futuro Nursery School kindergarten as teacher Yuya, who has dedicated 38 years of her life to educate in these institutions created in the country for the training of early childhood. She shared her experiences with journalist Marisol León Álvarez.

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Dorisley Báez Quesada: a teacher to give the best of herself (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 17.- Dorisley Báez Quesada, is a Florida teacher who has benefited from the many opportunities that the Cuban Revolution offers young people to guarantee their personal and professional improvement and become men and women of good and benefit. Her testimony was presented by the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera to Radio Florida’s informational programming in the following report.

Yanela León Bruzón: “I like being a teacher” (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 29.- The young Bachelor of Education Yanela León Bruzón, who works at the Heriberto Martín Guzmán mixed school in the rural community of La Vallita, is one of the recently graduated teachers at the Municipal University Center of Florida with excellent results. Continue reading

The secret is in teacher training

The secret is in teacher training

The secret is in teacher training

Cuba, Feb 11st – Writing about the achievements of education across the country, having barely traveled beyond the capital, can be challenging. As such we must take advantage of any opportunity to learn firsthand about what teachers are doing in other provinces and the distinctive features of their territories. Continue reading