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Floridian teachers and pioneers support a referendum on the new Family Code (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 23.- The role of educators is fundamental for, from the schools, to explain the inclusive and supportive sense of the new Family Code that will be held for a referendum next Sunday.

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Florida Young Educators Proud to Be Teachers (+ audio)

Florida, December 23.- Teaching is a job that needs patience and love; At the Agustín Farabundo Martí Urban Basic Secondary School in the municipality of Florida there are several teachers who are examples of this profession.

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Florida Teachers Awarded with Rafael María de Mendive Medal (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 21.- For their humanism and sacrifice, several workers of the Union of Education, Science and Sports in the municipality of Florida received Rafael María de Mendive Medal, an honorable decoration that rewards the merits acquired by during the deployment of their career path.

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Young Floridians opt for the specialty of Special Education teachers (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 16.- Due to its characteristics, special education is one of the most complicated in the educational system, but it also contains a lot of sensitivity and love for the attention given to students with educational needs.

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Mirella Franco: the main challenge for teachers is training in values (+ Audio + Video)

Florida, Dec 8.- Mirella Franco Malvares is a teacher at the Felix Varela elementary school in the municipality of Florida, a profession that has brought her many experiences.

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The day expected by students and teachers has arrived (+ Multimedia)

Florida, Nov 15.- This Monday 3,615 6th grade students, those from elementary secondary school, 10th and 11th in the pre-university, together with those who are in 1st and 2nd year in vocational technical education, return to the classrooms to resume classes in person , after completing the vaccination cycle that protects them from COVID-19.

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Florida University Teachers and Students Support Health Intervention Process (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 12.- The Florida Municipal University Center will also be an active entity in the process of health intervention with the vaccine candidate Abdala that will benefit people over 60 years of age from mid-June.

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Teachers work in school gardens in the Limited Autochthonous Transmission Phase (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 25.- In the municipality of Florida, educators demonstrate their support for the Revolution in the face of the complex epidemiological scenario that exists in this Phase of limited autochthonous transmission. Continue reading

To Florida schools 23 teachers graduated from the provincial pedagogical school (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 19.- The training of new teachers is vitally important for the educational development of the country; In the municipality of Florida, the teaching force is enriched by 23 new teachers recently graduated from the provincial pedagogical school. The following report is dedicated to the subject by journalist Marisol León Álvarez, from Radio Florida’s information services.

Being Teachers, a vocation that distinguishes them (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 5 .- Training as teachers in various specialties is an option of continuity of study for adolescents who graduated from 9th grade and is also a future guarantee of teaching coverage for school institutions in the territory. Several students spoke with Marisol León Álvarez, a journalist from Radio Florida, about the motivations that induce them to train at the Nicolás Guillen Pedagogical School.