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Practical sports teaching activities resume today in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Nov. 15.- Practical sports teaching activities will also resume as of this Monday, November 15, the date on which Cuba reopens its borders to the world and children and adolescents more protected against COVID- 19.

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The current school year Prioritizes quality of teaching at the primary level (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 11.- The primary education level constitutes the education with the highest enrollment in the country and work is being done in all educational centers to create the conditions that guarantee the quality of learning so that they reach basic secondary school with the necessary knowledge to face the new content.

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The school year will begin by teaching the main contents in person

Florida, July 5 .- «School evaluations will not be applied without first teaching the main content in each subject in person,» said Niurka Turiño Fernández, head of the department of primary education in the municipality of Florida, with a master’s degree in science.

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Teleclass programming encourages continuity of the Educational Teaching Process (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 17.- This week the transmission of teleclasses was restarted for the territories that, like Florida, fell back to the autochthonous transmission phase due to the incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as explained these first days are for the exercise of knowledge. Continue reading

The teaching of History implies a synthesis of science, art and passion (+ Audio)

Florida, November 28.- Loving local history is the prologue of loving the history of the Homeland. More details through the following interview that Luis Ortíz Chaviano made with María Antonia Fonte, president of the Association of Cuban Historians in Florida.

Final details for new calendar of athletic teaching in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 31.- Sports professionals in Florida are finalizing details these days to guarantee the development of a new calendar of athletic teaching in this stage of a new normal in the face of COVID-19. On the subject, Mr. Yosdeni león Herrera, head of Sports Activities in the municipality, gave details in the following report by journalist Yunier Soler Castellanos.

Students from the Florida Municipal University Center return to classrooms (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 4 – On September 5, the Florida Municipal University Center will resume teaching activities for the 2019-2020 school year. The subject is dealt with in the report that the journalist Marisol León Álvarez presented to Radio Florida’s informative programming

Our goal is to develop the teaching process as established (+ Audio)

Florida, June 22.- This Monday, June 22, teachers and professors of all levels of education are reincorporated into Florida’s educational institutions, with the mandate of maintaining hygienic-sanitary measures.
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In Camagüey, debates by a teaching in tone with current social transformations

In Camagüey, debates by a teaching in tone with current social transformations

In Camagüey, debates by a teaching in tone with current social transformations

Camagüey, Nov 3rd – The improvement toward a more inclusive education is one of the central axes of the 14th International Conference of Education Sciences, which will be held from November 6 to 8 at the Convention Center Santa Cecilia, of this city. Continue reading

Cuban Art Project for Children with Down Syndrome

Cuban Art Project for Children with Down Syndrome

Cuban Art Project for Children with Down Syndrome

Pinar del Río,  Nov 8  –  Created to teaching engraving to Cuban children with Down Syndrome, the project “With Love and Hope” now includes other art forms, such as dance,drama and voice, program coordinators announced. Continue reading