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Florida Starts Grassroots Events of Science and Technology Forum

By Frank Sierra

Florida, may 16, – Movement of Science and Technology Forum in Florida began grassroots events this year, which program will run until the first half of July, with about 260 meetings in different sectors like economic , services, student and mass organizations. Continue reading


Activities of Science and Technology Forum Began in Otero Rice Grader

Florida, February 17 – In the different entities within the Otero Rice Grader located in the community of the same name, in Florida, began meetings aimed at promoting the activities of the new phase of Science and Technology Forum, an event that every year calls researchers of all economy, production and service centers across the country.

During the announcement of the scientific event was considered the thematic plan conceived in every work center in correspondence with the existing problems, which in fact are priorities for innovators, who work to effectively contribute to raising economic and productive results of its entities.

Last year, researchers of the Rice Grader received several awards for the work performed, five of them were considered as relevant in the work center event and others were honored at the industry forum held in the municipality of Vertientes.

The papers presented in the previous year and some of those discussed for this stage are related to import substitution, based on the use of local resources for the production of feed for poultry and pigs, as well as for livestock.

Begins Science and Technology Forum in Florida

Florida, February 09. – This month the movement of Science and Technology Forum begins on all work centers of the municipality with the draw up of the commitments taking into account the problems of each area.

This movement is guided by the principles of integration, cooperation and massiveness, defined concepts to join the masses into a mission to find useful solutions to everyday problems and meet the objectives and priorities of the work centers, through the appropriate application of Science and Technology.

INTEGRATION: It looks for the interests of administrations, unions and other political and mass organizations, workers and students to motivate and find solutions to existing problems in each place.

COOPERATION:  Is the action that is achieved between people, work areas, groups, science centers, enterprises and sectors of the economy from the standpoint of technical and human resources to design, develop and implement solutions, and the Forum contributes to carry it out with rigor, agility, and without financial interest.

MASSIVENESS: It is the purpose of activating and mobilizing individuals and groups directly involved in finding solutions in each work center what makes possible to identify the contribution given in the field of integration and cooperation.