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Cultivate any piece of land, an imperative for current times

Florida, Sep 26.- It is no secret to anyone: the Cuba we live in today lacks a considerable group of material resources, essential for the full well-being of the majority of those who decided to burn the ships and remain in this port, despite the storms and threats imposed on the country’s path to the desired prosperity.

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Evoking José Martí in times of fight

José Martí told us that there are men-males and men-females and he also told us that among virile men it is not possible to offer or receive flattery, that each man is a workshop, that there are few things in the world as hated as hypocrites and that morality does not perish because every man who is born makes it fertile. Continue reading

Florida baseball in times of Covid-19 (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 21.- The “High Performance” sports activity is one of the massive practices, also limited by the influence of Covid 19 in Cuba. In the municipality of Florida, based on the guidelines of the Provincial Baseball Directorate, few athletes have returned to their training sessions. Continue reading

Alexis Ortiz: young protagonist in times of pandemic

Florida, May 19.- The Covid-19 not only changed the perception of the reality of the people that inhabit the world, but it also transformed work habits for many. The young Alexis Ortiz, a Physical Education specialist at the Conquista People’s Council, comments on the work he is doing these days in an interview by Luis Ortiz Chaviano, a collaborator with Radio Florida.