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Tobacco rollers, a new specialty offered by Professional Technical Education

Florida, Jul 21.- Among the novelties of the Professional Technical Education for the coming school year in the municipality of Florida is the opening of the specialty of qualified worker in tobacco rollers.

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Florida women awarded for their dedication to tobacco production (+ Audio)

Florida, June 1.- Gisela Milanés Rivero and Ana María Brizuela Álvarez, workers of the Rolando Valdivia tobacco company in Florida with more than 20 years of experience, received the Carlos Baliño Distinction for the celebration of the municipal act for Tobacco Labor Day .

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Tobacco Worker’s Day is celebrated in Florida

May 2021.- With strict compliance with the sanitary measures established in the Rolando Valdivia Tobacco factory in the municipality of Florida, the municipal act was held for the Day of the Tobacco Worker, a date chosen in homage to Lázaro Peña González, Captain of the Working Class , and of which this May 29 is commemorated the 110th anniversary of his birth.

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Florida Tobacco Factory: producing energy carriers without wasting (+ Audio)

Florida, Nov 18.- The Rolando Valdivia Tobacco Factory in the city of Florida is one of the entities that materializes its productive commitments with the use of raw materials and saving energy carriers.

This is how its director Yusimí Donet González refers, in an interview with the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera for the news services of Radio Florida.

Cuba to plant more than 29,000 hectares of tobacco

Cuba to plant more than 29,000 hectares of tobacco

Cuba to plant more than 29,000 hectares of tobacco

Cuba, Oct 11 – The Tobacco Business Group of Cuba (Tabacuba) signed contracts with producers for the planting of more than 29 thousand hectares and the collection of some 32 thousand tons of tobacco leaves in the 2017-2018 harvest that began this Tuesday. Continue reading