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Judges from Florida participate in a collective training

Florida, Jan 24.- With the purpose of achieving a greater guarantee in the execution of the processes, judges of Florida municipal court hold a virtual collective training every Friday led by professionals from Camagüey province.

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Training for electoral authorities and jurists on the Family Code project (+Audio and Photos)

Florida, February 1.- Electoral authorities and jurists of the municipality of Florida with the task of conducting the popular consultation on the New Family Code Project received professional training on the constitutional principles and rights contained in the document.

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Training cycle begins for delegates of the People’s Power in Florida (+ Post)

Florida, Jan 15.- The study of the Law of Organization and Functioning of the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power and of the People’s Councils by the main directors of the Permanent Work Commissions, centered the first of a cycle of training meetings that will take place in Florida as part of the government’s improvement work.

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Mirella Franco: the main challenge for teachers is training in values (+ Audio + Video)

Florida, Dec 8.- Mirella Franco Malvares is a teacher at the Felix Varela elementary school in the municipality of Florida, a profession that has brought her many experiences.

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Florida Farmers Receive Training on New Government Approved Measures (+ Audio)

Florida, May 2.- The new measures adopted by the country in relation to the process of exporting food, goods and services to the state and non-state sector, becomes a significant advance for those companies or people interested in generating monetary income to turn. to the acquisition of the necessary supplies.

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Athletic training activities in Florida suspended for the moment (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 22.- The current epidemiological panorama of the country, marked by the outbreak of COVID-19 in several provinces of the country, prompted the adoption of new measures aimed at avoiding possible infections with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and preserving health of athletes.

This is how the journalist Yunier Soler Castellano reviews it

The farm is also a training space for students (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 18.- Teachers at the Basic Secondary School in the Antonio Maceo field in the municipality of Florida also contribute to the agricultural work carried out on the farm of that educational center, a space in which they encourage their students to love job. Continue reading

Teleclases promote the continuity of student training (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 11 This was stated by Joanna Almanza Marín mother of Lorena espinosa Almanza, a 5th grade student at the Heriberto Martín Guzmán primary school, from the coastal community of Playa Florida, who like all children and adolescents in the country receive teleclasses at this time from COVID-19 . About the support that she gives to her daughter and the support that the teacher receives, she spoke with Mayelin Baryolo Rodríguez, a journalist for Radio Florida.

The secret is in teacher training

The secret is in teacher training

The secret is in teacher training

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