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Hard work to stop the transmission of the virus in the Popular Council of the Urban Center (+ Audio)

Florida, May 8.- With seven sources of transmission of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centro Urbano popular council of the Florida municipality shows an increase in the incidence of this disease, so the Community Work Group intensifies its actions in the adoption of measures in order to reverse this epidemiological panorama.

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Cuba needs everyone to defeat this pandemic

Florida, May 5.- The confirmation of more than 50 autochthonous infections during the last 15 days and 22 open virus transmission foci in Florida, reflect an incidence of COVID-19 in this municipality that is classified as high risk for the population .

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Increasing the requirement will allow the transmission chains to be cut.

Florida, Mar 11.- Health surveillance continues to rise in Florida due to the appearance of new Covid-19 transmission events in the main city of the municipality, where in the last 15 days the incidence rate of the pandemic is higher than 90 and more than 20 outbreaks of the virus are reported in that stage. Continue reading

Florida municipality regresses to phase of limited autochthonous transmission of Covid-19

Florida, March 8.- The Florida Municipal Defense Council was activated this Saturday to reinforce the measures to combat Covid-19 in the face of a greater epidemiological risk for the population, as this municipality regressed to a phase of autochthonous transmission limited by the increase of infections in the last 15 days. Continue reading

The transmission booth of the Ignacio Agramonte Municipal Baseball Stadium is ready (+ Photos)

Florida, November 19.- The culmination of the construction phase of the broadcasting stand and the decoration around it, give a distinctive touch to the Ignacio Agramonte Municipal Baseball Stadium in the city of Florida, in addition to the best conditions for the press of the teams. Communicate to the fans the incidents of each game. Continue reading

Schools in the rural sector ready to avoid transmission of COVID-19 (Audio)

Florida, Oct 29.- In rural areas of the Florida municipality, children also know the hygienic measures to be applied in schools as of November 2, to avoid the transmission of COVID-19. This is reflected in the report that the journalist Marisol León Álvarez presented to the newsroom of Radio Florida.


Our purpose is to prevent the transmission of diseases (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 22.- With the beginning of the new normality in the municipality of Florida, the technicians of the State Sanitary Inspection of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology are called to implement new actions aimed at enforcing the sanitary measures established in the country. Odelkis Pola Gómez, Deputy Director of Environmental Health at this institution, provides details on the subject, in an interview with Journalist Mayelin Baryolo Rodríguez.

Preventing the transmission of diseases a challenge to meet in each school (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 10 – A restart of teaching activities tempered by new dynamics Florida students are experiencing with the implementation of hygienic-sanitary measures directed by the Ministries of Public Health and Education with a view to preventing the spread of the new coronavirus that causes COVID -19 in schools. The following report that the journalist Marisol León Álvarez presented to the Radio Florida news program is about the subject.