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Florida student groups will pay tribute to José Martí

Florida, Jan 12.- Motivated by the 169th anniversary of the birth of Cuban Apostle José Martí Pérez, the Pioneer organization that bears his name, pays tribute to him by carrying out various activities in each student group to remember the great friend of children .

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Florida culture sector pays tribute to Florida journalist (+ Post)

Florida, Dec 11.- The culture sector in the territory of Florida offered a tribute to the journalist and historian Martha Martínez Duliet, one of the personalities to whom they dedicate the Florida Culture Week, for the 97 years of the declaration of the municipal term.

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Florida Tribute to the Fallen in Internationalist Missions and Defense Tasks

Florida, Dec. 7.- This Tuesday, December 7, Floridians will pay a new tribute to the fallen for the defense of the Homeland when, for the 34th time, Operation Tribute is remembered here, with whose name the funeral honors and the respectful greeting of the Cuban people to the combatants who offered their lives in the fulfillment of internationalist missions in the lands of Africa.

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Deserved tribute of the Florida people to the heroes and martyrs of the Homeland (+ Audio + Post)

Florida, Dec. 7.- Once again, the heroes and martyrs of the homeland received in Florida the tribute of the grateful people during the commemoration here of the XXXII anniversary of Operation Tribute, in which relatives of those killed by the defense were present, along with to the political and governmental authorities of the territory, accompanied by a representation of youth and student organizations of the locality.

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The epidemiological situation has not prevented the tribute to José Martí (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 28.- Despite the epidemiological situation in the municipality of Florida, throughout the month of January, tribute to the Cuban National Hero José Martí has been paid in educational institutions and many other settings.
This is confirmed by the Master of Science Eleodoro Carvajal García, base guide of the José Luis Tassende special school and president of the José Martí Cultural Society in the municipality of Florida, in an interview with the journalist Marisol León Álvarez for the informational programming of Radio Florida

In San Antonio a tribute to Fidel from Art (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, Dec 2.- Even the rural community of San Antonio de Florida, far from the municipal seat, comes, through Art, the tribute to the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro. More details through the following report by journalist Marisol León Alvarez.

Tribute day to Public Health workers: moment to recognize and thank

Florida, Nov. 16.- From November 8 to the end of December, the first stage of the special day of tribute to workers in the Public Health Sector takes place, a period in which different dates, ephemeris and events are added ready for the recognition of the men and women in charge of defending the survival and quality of life of all the people. Continue reading

Florida University Center with tribute actions to Fidel

Florida, Nov. 14.- In homage to the historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Commander Fidel Castro Ruz on the fourth anniversary of his physical disappearance, the workers of the University Center in Florida organized various actions to enhance his thinking and action. Continue reading

Tribute to Camilo Cienfuegos at the Florida school that bears his name (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 28.- At the Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán school in Florida, tribute was paid to the flesh and blood hero, the man with a thousand anecdotes, the Guerrilla Commander who together with Ernesto Che Guevara led the invasion of the West during the War of National Liberation.

A review of the tribute is proposed by Luis Ortiz Chaviano and Maribella Navarro Cardoso in the report they presented to the Radio Florida news program.

José Martí Cultural Society leads the tribute to Fidel in Florida

Florida, Aug 13.- The Florida branch of the José Martí Cultural Society also joins the tribute for the 94th anniversary of the birth in Birán of the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz.
The information was provided by the Master of Science Eleodoro Carvajal García, president of that group in the territory, in an interview with Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera, a journalist for Radio Florida.