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Florida Combatants Association values ​​the work carried out from January to July (+Photos)

Florida, Aug 26.- The importance of incorporating young people and members of political and mass organizations with conditions to join the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution (ACRC) of the municipality of Florida, focused the debate during the analysis of the results of the work carried out in the first semester of the current year by that force.

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From the subject of Spanish Literature you can also form values ​​(+Audio)

Florida, Feb 8.- For Magdiel Martínez Castañeda, professor of Spanish Literature at the Rolando Valdivia pre-university in the municipality of Florida, the class is an ideal space to form values ​​in the new generations and from his experience he tells us that: “Sometimes sometimes you are teaching a content, but without meaning to, the student intends you, for example, an idea that may be related to a political issue, I express a positive opinion or not, then that is the moment that the teacher can take advantage of to explain, detail and convince.

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Training in responsibility values ​​shared by Florida family and school (+Audio and Photos)

Florida, Feb 7.- When a society has educated young people with a good preparation that allows them to decide on their way of thinking and acting, subversion has no place; On the subject of manipulation in social networks, Leslie Carvajal, a student at the Rolando Valdivia pre-university in the municipality of Florida, assures that “I use them to upload photos, look for information about artists or for school work, but nothing else.”

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Xiomara González Fandiño: Martí’s ideology, source of civic and moral values (+Audio)

Florida, Jan 29.- Regarding the celebration of the 169th anniversary of the birth of the Cuban National Hero José Martí, the journalist Marisol León Álvarez spoke with the Bachelor of Primary Education Xiomara González Fandiño, a teacher at the Enrique José varona school in Florida, about how he uses Marti’s ideology to promote values in his students. Details in the next report.

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Pedro Pablo Argüelles: from the Physical Culture values are also formed (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 23.- The professionals of Physical Culture and Sports in Florida also commemorate the Educator’s Day in Cuba, as part of this sector, in which they assume the pedagogical responsibility of instructing in high athletic performance, promoting healthy practices and transmit human values in each training or community activity, in each area or facility.

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Mirella Franco: the main challenge for teachers is training in values (+ Audio + Video)

Florida, Dec 8.- Mirella Franco Malvares is a teacher at the Felix Varela elementary school in the municipality of Florida, a profession that has brought her many experiences.

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That the shortcomings and temporary dissatisfactions do not make us forget the values (+ Audio)

Florida, July 4 – Friends, there was once a sack of large and clean potatoes, which for many years enjoyed good health and enjoyed multiple rights, based on unity, joint work and the collaboration of all in defense of a healthy environment despite the multiple threats and attacks they faced for living free and independent, without selling themselves or humiliating themselves before anyone … But it happened that one day, after a terrible downpour, one of those potatoes began to rot …

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Let’s rescue values ​​that allow us to overcome selfishness

Discipline, affection and respect compose the fertilizer of life that allows to cultivate the basic education of the human being to coexist in society. Continue reading