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Florida Red Cross volunteers served Haitian migrants (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 18.- The consecration of the volunteers of the Florida branch of the Cuban Red Cross was manifested again in recent days, when for almost two weeks, together with their co-workers from the municipalities of Esmeralda and Camagüey, they attended 183 Haitian travelers that, 8 days into a risky journey in their efforts to emigrate to other countries, including the United States, landed on the coast of Cayo Cruz, in the northern part of the province.

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Abdala immunizes Florida Red Cross volunteers (+ Photos)

Florida, June 17.- The Main Group of Operations and Relief of the Red Cross in the municipality of Florida reinforces its security in the midst of the current health contingency, with the administration of the vaccine candidate Abdala to 10 of its members to maintain the vitality of their support for Public Health personnel in the territory.

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Florida Red Cross Volunteers Active in Fighting COVID-19

May 2021.- The men and women who as volunteers are grouped in the Florida branch of the Cuban Red Cross celebrate this May 8 the International Day of that humanitarian institution, directly linked in all the actions that are carried out here in the confrontation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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