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Five Florida athletes will compete in the Central American and Caribbean Games

Florida, May 24.- The initial list of the Cuban sports delegation that will compete in the next Central American and Caribbean Games, which will take place from June 23 to July 8 of this year in the Salvadoran capital, includes five athletes from Florida Township.

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Ciro Martín, combatant subordinated to the government’s will to protect the people (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 14.- Floridian Ciro Martín Delgado was one of the men from this municipality who faced the enemy to defend the triumphant Revolution during the mercenary invasion of Playa Girón. Driven by high degrees of social commitment, patriotism and sense of duty, he also stepped forward to protect the people from disaster situations caused by natural phenomena.

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Florida will host the 2022 Book Fair.

Florida, May 3.- From May 19 to 22, the municipality of Florida will host the 30th edition of the Book Fair, an international event that, after the event in Havana, extends to the remaining provinces of the country.

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127 years after February 24, 1895, we are still in combat, and we will win! (+Infographic and Post)

This February 24, more than ever, the ashamed Cubans, the grateful ones, those who never betrayed the sacred work of independence and the Cuban Revolution, built with the sacrifice «of all and for the good of all», we remember the words of the Apostle José Martí on the eve of the restart of the libertarian struggle of 1895.

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Mileydis Estrada Valdés and the will to live (+ Audio)

Florida, Nov. 15.- La Floridana Mileydis Estrada Valdés shows a capacity for resistance that enhances her human condition: with the support of her family and friends and protected by the Cuban health system, she has recently fought a tough battle against a disease that he can’t beat her.

Her testimony was shared with the journalist Yunier Soler Castellanos for the informative programming of Radio Florida.

El Oronte: strength and will at the disposal of food production (+ Audio)

Florida, May 18.- Ángel Guerra Gómez is the Head of Production of the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC) El Oronte, belonging to the sugar system of Argentina in this municipality of Florida, entity that unites sugarcane production with the sowing of necessary various crops. In the following interview, he discussed the subject with Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera, a journalist with the information services of Radio Florida.