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Camagüey made up the women’s wrestling team for the National Pioneer Championship (+ Post)

Florida, Apr 18.- The women’s team that will represent Camagüey province in the National Championship of Pioneer Wrestling was formed in the Gymnasium of that discipline of the municipality of Florida, where the eliminatory combats were held to define the best athletes.

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COVID-19: promoting the care and self-protection of children and pregnant women (+Audio)

Florida, Jan 26.- With the aim of avoiding the dangerous increase in infection and serious forms or deaths from the dangerous disease in the municipality of Florida, the confrontation with the third outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic is maintained, taking into account the probable presence here of Omicrom strain.

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Florida women reaffirm defense of the Cuban social project (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 21.- The secretariat of the Federation of Cuban Women in Florida, together with the workers of the municipality’s Shirt Factory, starred in an act of revolutionary reaffirmation against the recent attempts to promote destabilizing actions in the municipality.

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Florida women support preparations for health intervention with Abdala (+ Audio)

Florida, July 7 – The women of the Popular Council of Argentina in the municipality of Florida donated antiseptic fabrics to the seamstresses of that demarcation for the manufacture of hand towels for the vaccination and observation centers for the beginning of the Sanitary Intervention Process with the Vaccine Candidate Abdala.

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Women from a rural Florida community support vaccination preparations with Abdala (+ Audio)

Florida, June 22.- The members of the Federation of Cuban Women residing in the rural community of San Antonio, located in the south of the municipality of Florida, actively participate in the preparations for the vaccination process with Abdala for the population older than 60 years and other tasks related to confronting COVID-19.

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Women always ready to continue supporting (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 8 .- The women of the laundry department of the North Polyclinic of the Florida municipality are responsible for guaranteeing the hygiene of the clothes used by the doctors and patients in charge of the Health Intervention Process with the Vaccine Candidate Abdala.

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Florida women awarded for their dedication to tobacco production (+ Audio)

Florida, June 1.- Gisela Milanés Rivero and Ana María Brizuela Álvarez, workers of the Rolando Valdivia tobacco company in Florida with more than 20 years of experience, received the Carlos Baliño Distinction for the celebration of the municipal act for Tobacco Labor Day .

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Florida women also star in the battle against COVID-19 (+ Audio)

Florida, May 12.- The grassroots leaders of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) actively participate in the actions planned in the municipality to confront the incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic in each neighborhood or community, and They also involve in tasks of vital importance for the country such as energy saving.

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Florida women’s organization recognizes the performance of educators from Nursery Schools (+ Photos)

Florida, Apr 9.- Officials of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in Florida presented awards to the most outstanding educators of the three Nursery Schools of the territory, in remembrance of Vilma Espín Guillois, main manager of these early childhood educational institutions .

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In Florida Day of activities in greeting to International Women’s Day

Florida, Mar 6.- The Federation of Cuban Women in the municipality of Florida plans a day of activities in greeting to International Women’s Day, to be celebrated on March 8, without violating the rules of social distancing essential to avoid the contagion of the Covid-19. Continue reading