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53% of scientists in Cuba are women

53% of scientists in Cuba are women

53% of scientists in Cuba are women

Cuba, Jun 15 – Some 86,426 individuals work in Cuba’s science sector, 53% of whom are women, according to the President of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC) Dr. Luis C. Velázquez Pérez speaking during the First International Science and Education Congress taking place in the Havana International Conference Center. Continue reading

National Meeting of Women Economists and Accountants in Camagüey

National Meeting of Women Economists and Accountants in Camagüey

National Meeting of Women Economists and Accountants in Camagüey

Camagüey,  Mar 22nd –  The 14th National Meeting of Women Economists and Accountants began a two-day meeting on Monday in the city of Camagüey to promote exchanges of the best scientific-technical experiences in the field and support the development of research projects. Continue reading

Cuba Progresses on Social Integration of Women

Cuba Progresses on Social Integration of Women

Cuba Progresses on Social Integration of Women

Havana, Aug 1st – The women participation in Cuban economic, social and political life reveals the will of the State to raise their roles in all areas to higher levels, and crucial efforts are being made for achieving gender equality. Continue reading

Supremacy of Women in Florida’s Municipal Assembly of People’s Power

Florida, May 04. – An example of growing access of Florida’s women to the economic, political and social life of the territory is their high presence in the tasks of  local government and as officials. That’s the case of the six women presidents of Councils, of the 11 existing in the municipality.

The teacher, Anaisa Martinto Hernandez, delegate of the Municipal Assembly by the constituency number 5, seven years ago assumed the responsibility of President of the Council José Martí, with a population of almost 9 000 people. When interviewed she said “I am very happy with this responsibility to know that I am keeping an important task of the government for the good of the people I represent.” Continue reading

More than Five Hundred Women Benefiting from the Decree Law 259

Florida, March 9. – More than 500 women in the municipality of Florida so far have received different amounts of idle land, which they intend to take advantage of in the benefit of the family and the local economy.

These women also were inserted in the marabou clearing and the preparation of land for major and minor livestock, planting various crops, the promotion of sugar cane plantations and other agricultural activities.

Women benefited here by Decree Law 259 account for 20 percent of those receiving idle plots in response to the demand to produce everything to strengthen the nation’s food independence.

Women … Women … (+ Photos)

Florida, March 05. – As roses in the garden of life they are everywhere to embellish with their presence the activities always with love, will and dedication.

In the sugar sector in the municipality of Florida there are hundreds of women working in the industry, we see them in the boilers, in the electricity generation area, in the jogger, in the weight and packaging area, at the refinery, and in the laboratory where their experience contributes to achieve higher efficiency.

How much responsibility in these females, who with good practice and commitment control the mat leading cane to the mills, where it follows the evolution of raw material up to be converted into pulp.

In the harvest labors women are present in the work of custodian at the mill, in the economic activity or in the cafeteria, where they offer the services to those who remain active for 12 hours to ensure good ground.

Along with mill activities about 80 women make up the Ana Betancourt de Mora column devoted to sugar cane recovery efforts in areas of Argentina Mill, while in the harvest period, the activities of cooks, storekeeper or computing the amount of cane transported, relay on female hands in their execution.

Women, each work is enhanced by their contact, every action is filled with happiness, enormous love and virtuous work.

Growing Incorporation of Women into Agricultural Cooperatives in Florida

Florida, December 07 – Some 17 agricultural cooperatives in Florida already have in their associated payroll the 23 women requested in the agreements of the 10th Congress of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) as the average figure for this rural bases. Continue reading