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“Satisfied with the work done and here we are” (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct. 20.- It was stated by the Floridian Javier Guerrero Fernández, Bachelor of Nursing, Intensive Therapy Specialist and Master in Medical Emergencies that while in Venezuela as part of the International Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Situations of Disasters and Serious Epidemics, Henry Reeve returned to the Patria to collaborate in the battle against COVID 19 at its most complex moment.

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Work guarantees and social assistance are kept in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, June 25.- In correspondence with the current epidemiological contingency aggravated by cases of COVID-19 in the municipality of Florida, the Department of Labor and Social Assistance decided to reinforce the measures related to the workplace and the benefits provided to the vulnerable people, to help cut the chain of contagion with the deadly disease.

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Manzanillo Community hosted the provincial edition of the We Are Continuity Community Work Program (+ Photos)

Florida, Jun 20.- The residents of the rural community of Manzanillo, in the municipality of Florida, welcomed this Saturday the activities of the provincial edition of the Community Work Program We Are Continuity, a space to evaluate the behavior of the main public services and recognize those who contribute the most based on the collective good.

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New Day of Integrated Community Work in Florida (+ Photos)

Florida, Jun 14.- With a tribute for the birthdays 176 of Antonio Maceo and 93 of Ernesto Che Guevara, the Integrated Community Work Program We Are Continuity began this Sunday in constituency 13 of the Rolando Valdivia Popular Council of the municipality of Florida.

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We work so that diners feel satisfied with our services (+ Audio)

En los establecimientos del Sistema de Atención a la Familia (SAF), en Camagüey, uno de los programas sociales más humano de la Revolución, se intensifican los esfuerzos para brindar mejor servicio al sector de la sociedad más vulnerable, como parte de las medidas por la situación epidemiológica que enfrenta el país. 3 de abril de 2020. ACN FOTO/Rodolfo BLANCO CUÉ/sdl

Florida, May 18.- This was expressed by Enrique Ulloa López, administrator of the Ibarra gastronomic unit, linked to the Family Attention System in the city of Florida, which guarantees its guests the food of each day with the provision of the service of messaging, to avoid contagion with COVID-19 in this vulnerable group of the population in the current Phase of Autochthonous Transmission.

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Work more and produce more for the people: commitment of the Floridian peasantry (+ Audio)

Florida, May 17.- This May 17, the Cuban peasantry celebrates the 60th anniversary of the constitution of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) and commemorates the signing by Fidel of the First Agrarian Reform Law in 1959.

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In Florida, new edition of the Community Work Program “We are Continuity” (+ Post)

Florida, Apr 12.- The 74th edition in the Florida municipality of the #SomosContinuidad “Community Work Program took place this Sunday in the Rolando Valdivia Popular Council constituency 26, where residents, in addition to evaluating possible solutions to their problems, sanitized and they adorned their neighborhoods with special motivation in greeting to the day.

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Association of the visually impaired reorganizes its work in times of pandemic (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 26.- The epidemiological situation of the Florida territory due to the rise in infections by Covid-19 brought with it a reordering in the daily work of the directors of the National Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired (ANCI) in the territory. Continue reading

Florida Red Cross with a prominent role in community work.

Florida, Mar 10.- On March 10, 1909, Dr. Diego Tamayo y Figueredo established the Cuban Red Cross, an institution that was recognized by presidential decree 401 of that year as the Auxiliary Relief Society of the Public Power. Continue reading

Amparo Rodríguez Marquetis: “It is good that our work is recognized”

Florida, March 10.- Dr. Amparo Rodríguez Marquetis, from the Family Medical Clinic number six of the Argentine Popular Council, leads the actions that are carried out in that area to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Continue reading