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Patio El Madero almost 25 years working for Food Sovereignty (+ Photos)

Florida, March 17.- With the pride of celebrating 25 years of productive life next September, the municipality’s El Madero vegetable yard continues to set standards in defense of the food security and sovereignty of this city and its around.

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Temporary Government Working Group analyzed local epidemiological situation

Florida, Jan 12.- In the municipality of Florida, the increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues, with a greater presence in the Popular Councils of Argentina and the Urban Center with 40 and 32 respectively, according to the statistics at the close of the day on Monday.

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From the association we will continue working for social inclusion (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 10.- Without neglecting the disabled that make it up, the work of the executive director of the Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired of the municipality of Florida was limited last year by the epidemiological situation that the territory experienced.

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We face COVID-19 on the front line and we are ready to continue working (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct. 25-This is how Floridian Emilio Alejandro Castillo Gálvez, one of the 49 young people from the territory recently graduated from the various specialties of Medical Sciences, who received a Gold Title in the most recent graduation from that educational institution, said.

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Dennis Campo: “Working here has changed my life” (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 4.- Dennis Campo is one of the outstanding workers of the Flora and Plant Unit of the municipality of Florida who, regarding the new anniversary of the Union of Young Communists, comments with the journalist Diala González Ramayo about the work he carries out in that entity and ratifies its commitment to continue promoting the tasks in the center.

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Nursery school, a guarantee of safety for the children of working mothers (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, Mar 31.- The care of children in infant school during the Limited Autochthonous Transmission Phase due to the spread of Covid-19 is essential for the good performance of working mothers and fathers, who feel the security that their children are protected in these institutions. Continue reading

We are working based on excellence to avoid contagion with Covid-19 (+ Audio)

Florida. 6 Mar.- After declaring the Rolando Valdivia Rural Polytechnic Institute (IPR) as an isolation center for people who are contacts of positive Covid cases, the students of that institution receive the teaching activities in the premises of the  Florida Pioneers´ city.

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Government working group evaluated local epidemiological situation

Florida, Feb. 6.- The municipality of Florida accumulates at the end of last Thursday a total of 67 medical discharges and eight cases still admitted to hospitals in the province, which represents a recovery of around 95 percent of confirmed patients with Covid -19 from April of last year to date in this territory. Continue reading

Electromedicine Workshop: our main challenge is to continue working (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 15.- The Electromedicine workshop in the municipality of Florida, during the recently concluded 2020, faced numerous difficulties overcome by the will of the men who make up the labor collective there.

This was explained by Arley Benítez Moreira, the main specialist of that important entity, when talking with the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera for the informational programming of Radio Florida.

Japanese senior sports official on working visit to Cuba

Japanese senior sports official on working visit to Cuba

Cuba, Jun 1st – An approach to the history and present of Cuban boxing marked the beginning of the working visit of Mr. Daichi Suzuki, chairman of the Japan National Sports Agency, who was received at Jose Marti airport by Roberto Leon Richards, head of the Cuban Olympic Committee. Continue reading