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Young Cubans Celebrate Multiple Anniversaries

Young Cubans Celebrate Multiple Anniversaries

Young Cubans Celebrate Multiple Anniversaries

Camagüey, Apr 2 – Under the slogan “For the Love of My Homeland,” celebrations for the 52nd anniversary of the Young Communist League (UJC) and the 53rd anniversary of the Jose Marti Pioneer Organization (OPJM) continue today throughout the country. Continue reading

German Communist Youths Visit Cuba

German Communist Youths Visit Cuba

German Communist Youths Visit Cuba

HAVANA,  July 31 – Members of Germany’s Communist Youth (SDAJ) are visiting the island to have a first hand look at Cuban reality and learn about the work and role in society of the Young Communist League. Continue reading

Florida’s Youth Demands Freedom for Cuban Five

Florida, March 7. – The resounding rejection of Florida’s youth to injustice committed by the U.S. government with the Cuban Five for more than 13 years, was expressed by Young Communist League this March 5, in the book of signatures for the release of Ramon, Gerardo, Antonio and Fernando and René’s return to the Motherland.

Members of the youth organization and young workers from various sectors of this territory, demanded with their signature once again, the return of René González to Cuba and the freedom of his four brothers during the solidarity campaing for the Cuban Five.

The initiative is a clear response to the unfair position of the United States to maintain the Cuban Heroes imprisoned without legal evidence to support such a desicion, as is a sign of the constant struggle of the youth of this municipality for the return of those who deserve to be free because they are innocent.

The Young Communist League in Florida, on Monday denounced the regime of “supervised release” that is undergoing Rene Gonzalez, unable to join his family in Cuba, as demanded the immediate release of Ramón, Antonio, Gerardo and Fernando, who still prisoners in U.S. jails.