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Youth for Life Award in Florida (+ Post)

Florida, July 31 – The leadership of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) in the municipality of Florida recognized with the Youth for Life distinction those who most excel in agricultural work that often takes place in productive poles and agricultural centers existing in the territory.

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Four Florida athletes qualified for the Colombian Youth Pan American Games

Florida, July 2 – Floridian Danailys León Joseph joins the list of athletes classified for the Pan American Youth Games this year in Colombia, by being part of the Cuban Rhythmic Gymnastics team that reached 4th place in the Ensemble with balls category and tapes at the recent Regional Championship of the discipline, held in Guatemala.

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Camagüey youth committed to the moment they have had to live (+ Audio)

Florida, March 20.- During the entire stage of confronting the Covid-19 pandemic, young Cubans have been active protagonists in all battle scenarios against this lethal disease, in work related to food production and care for vulnerable groups in society. Continue reading

Work is being done in Florida to strengthen the Youth Technical Brigades (+ Audio)

Florida, February 17.- Strengthening the movement of the Youth Technical Brigades and stimulating the boys and girls who from their ranks contribute to the economic development of the municipality of Florida are the main work objectives of this force, in the current context that the territory. Continue reading

Floridian youth committed to their here and now

Florida, Feb 3.- Floridian youth have shown sufficient evidence that they can be counted on and this is evidenced in every workplace, in every school and in every place where there is a young person working and contributing to the country’s economy. Continue reading

The oldest youth organization in Cuba has a birthday

Florida, Dec 21.- The University Student Federation (FEU) celebrates 98 years of its founding this Sunday, since its inception it has pursued the objective of bringing together higher education students to represent their interests and assert their rights. Continue reading

Fidel’s legacy present in Florida adolescents and youth (+ Audio)

Florida, Nov 17 – The legacy of the historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, lives in the new generations, in those children, adolescents and young people in whom he always saw the future of the Homeland and the makers of a better future for all.

This is stated in the following report that the journalist Marisol León Álvarez presented to the Radio Florida news program.

Four years after his physical death, Fidel present in the Cuban youth (+ Audio)

Florida, Nov. 13.- The physical disappearance of Commander Fidel Castro Ruz was a source of sadness for the Cuban people; In our days the study of the life and work of the leader is of great importance to train the new generations.

This is stated by teachers and junior high school students from the Florida municipality in the report by Marisol León Álvarez, a journalist from the Information Department of Radio Florida.

Youth for Life ”rewards youth dedication to the fight against COVID-19

Florida, Aug 15.- The Union of Young Communists (UJC) recognized four of its Florida militants with the Youth for Life distinction, awarded to those who most excel in the tasks of confronting COVID 19. Continue reading

Youth strength stands out in most Florida labor groups

Florida, Aug. 14.- More than 90 labor groups in the municipality of Florida have the majority force and the characteristic enthusiasm of the youth that graduates of various technical specialties, engineers, degrees and with high and recognized scientific levels this force of more than 10 Boys and Boys nourishes with vitality and renews several of the main fronts of the economy and the local society. Continue reading