US and Cuban Universities to Strengthen Cooperation

US and Cuban Universities to Strengthen Cooperation

Washington, May 27  –  Cuban Ambassador to the United States Jose Ramon Cabañas announced a memorandum of understanding between universities from the two countries, which are interested in strengthening their ties.

Cabañas broke the news during a visit to the Central University of North Carolina, which will strengthen ties with the University of Oriente, in Santiago de Cuba.

The initiative, which both sides expect to sign soon, will allow academic exchange between professors and students, and joint research.

During his stay in North Carolina, where he was accompanied by Miguel Fraga, first secretary of the Cuban Embassy, the ambassador also visited the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The Cuban diplomat held meetings at the State Department of Commerce with its secretary, Anthony Copeland, and at the Economic Development Association, where many questions were asked to him about business opportunities in Cuba.

He was also received by North Carolina Farm Bureau President Larry Wooten, whose organization highlighted the spirit of building relations that prevailed during the meeting.

Cabañas thanked the state and the Marriot hotel chain for the respect shown during his visit, as the Cuban flag was hoisted, along with those of the US and North Carolina, during his stay.(Prensa Latina)

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