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Aida Sujo and her commitment to patient health (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 24.- The Public Health sector stands out for the extraordinary and constant effort of its personnel in the mission of protecting the quality of life and the survival of our people against diseases and other health contingencies.

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Mayelin Baryolo Rodríguez: my greatest commitment to solve the problems of the town.

Florida, March 12.- Mayelin Baryolo Rodríguez is one of the women who work as journalists at Radio Florida. Interviewed by the journalist Ailen Vargas Abella, she explained that “In 2009 she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociocultural Studies and came to the Informative Reaction of this station to carry out social service under the tutelage of veteran Humberto Guevara Esquivel, and in all this time I have put my greatest effort in solving the problems of the population”.

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Floridian farmers ratified the commitment to continue producing for the people (+ Post)

Florida, March 12.- “An insecure man does not walk and a peasant who is not clear about leadership and the contractual and legal processes that involve him is paralyzed; For this reason, it is urgent to define responsibilities on each front of Agriculture so that farmers do not waste time and work, are well informed about the benefits they receive, and feel increasingly committed to the economy and with support for the principles and values ​​of the Revolution.

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Local Industries in Florida celebrate their Day with the commitment to be more efficient.

Florida, March 2.- The collective of the Base Business Unit (UEB) Local Industries in the territory, celebrated this March 1st the Day of the Light Industry Worker with the fulfillment of the production plans corresponding to the previous calendar.

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Facing COVID-19, Florida farmers maintain their productive commitment (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 9.- Even though COVID-19 has also penetrated the agricultural lands of the Florida municipality, the peasants of the territory maintain their determination to produce food for the people.

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The commitment of Public Health personnel demands greater citizen discipline

Florida, July 7 – With more than 380 autochthonous infections confirmed in the last 15 days, the municipality of Florida is currently experiencing the most complex epidemiological situation since the arrival of COVID-19 in this territory at the end of March of last year.

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Work more and produce more for the people: commitment of the Floridian peasantry (+ Audio)

Florida, May 17.- This May 17, the Cuban peasantry celebrates the 60th anniversary of the constitution of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) and commemorates the signing by Fidel of the First Agrarian Reform Law in 1959.

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Revolutionary National Police, 62 years of respect for legality and social commitment

The most humanistic and just society that began to be built in Cuba after the triumph of the Revolution, on January 1, 1959, prioritizes among its guarantees to achieve the greatest possible well-being of the people, the preservation of public order and citizen tranquility. Continue reading

They recognize in Florida the dedication and commitment of rural women

Florida, Oct 31.- The management of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the municipality of Florida extended a warm congratulations and its gratitude to all the women members of the sector and the relatives of the associates, based on their active participation and the support of each of them in the various tasks and missions of the local peasantry, including the battle against COVID-19 and the effort to maintain food production at the current stage. Continue reading

EDITORIAL. A single Revolution and a single commitment, live and conquer (+ Audio)

This October 10, we Cubans celebrate together the 152nd anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the homeland and we do so once again united, aware of our destiny, faithful to the historical principles of the Revolution and with the flags of dignity, solidarity and brand-new socialism at the top of the Turkish peak.

The following editorial comment deals with the significance of this historical event.