142 polling stations will be enabled in Florida for a popular referendum

Florida, Aug 20.- Along with the verification process of the voter lists at present, the base electoral authorities in the municipality of Florida also specify the premises and material conditions necessary for the authorization of the polling stations that they will open their doors next September 25 for the popular Referendum on the New Family Code.

According to the report of the management of the Municipal Electoral Council, in view of this new democratic appointment, a total of 142 polling stations are planned to be set up in this territory, with privacy, security and the rest of the necessary conditions for its correct operation. as established by Cuban law on this type of process.

In this sense, new training sessions are also planned in this municipality to reinforce the knowledge of those who in each constituency must constitute the electoral tables, with the responsibility of conducting the voting in the schools.

In view of the popular referendum on the Project of the new Code of Cuban Families, in the municipality of Florida, the actions for the next authorization of the polling stations are also required these days, with a view to guaranteeing the necessary conditions for more than 50 thousand voters who are expected to exercise their constitutional right on September 25.


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