Referendum on the Family Code, a democratic exercise for collective well-being

Florida, Sep 1.- On November 25, Floridians, like the rest of Cubans, will have the opportunity to open the doors to a Family Code that will set superior standards in the protection and access to the rights of all people. members of that basic cell of society.

When each voter gets their ballot, those who decide to vote yes will undoubtedly be expanding the possibilities of gender equity, reducing spaces of discrimination between human beings, expanding intra-family respect and the bond of children with parents and grandparents, and will leave behind concepts and prejudices that limit the enjoyment of socio-affective opportunities and the happiness of thousands of people.

Those who check the no box will impose a barrier to the harmonious development of parent and child relationships, will prevent older adults from enjoying new rights of exchange with loved ones, and will clip the wings to the enjoyment of love and peaceful negotiations between members of the family institution.

The new democratic exercise converted into a Referendum on the Family Code, to be carried out on Sunday, September 25, will once again test the legal culture, social conscience, humanism and solidarity of the Cuban people, in defense of their own well-being for the present and the future.


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