Attention to pregnant women: main mission of Public Health in Florida

Florida, Mar 20.- Among the fundamental missions of the Public Health system of the municipality of Florida, in the current situation, attention to the more than 300 pregnant women who live in the territory stands out, with the purpose of leading them to the happy ending of its gestation and offer guarantees of quality of life for the mother and the newborn.

Such protection receives greater vigilance here in the case of the 75 pregnant women identified as high risk, for different reasons, who plan to give birth in the period between the months of March and June.

Authorities of the Maternal and Child Care Program (PAMI) of Florida, distributed at different levels of medical care, are multiplying right now the work of convocation to reinforce intersectoral support for each of the pregnant women in the municipality, a call that includes the family, the community of residence and the entities and organizations located in the environment.

According to statements by Dr. Nelson del Sol Serrallonga, the highest representative of the Public Health System in Florida, pregnancy care has several essential fronts right now, including priority in medical assistance and food supply to the institutions where they are housed. pregnant women at risk for their condition.

The current Deputy to the National Assembly also highlighted the importance of accompanying every day and unconditionally each mission of the Maternal and Child Care Program, a revolutionary conquest in charge of offering happiness, health and sustainability to families and the society that protects them.


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