Florida Agricultural Company forced to implement renewal strategy

Florida, Mar 29.- The Agricultural Company of the municipality of Florida is obliged to design an immediate, innovative and practical strategy in search of attracting financing, increasing production and getting out of its current stagnation.

Among the main tasks for the groups and cadres of the entity, the efficient management of accounts receivable and payable stands out, increasing the provision of services to farmers and ranchers at the base, adding the purchase and commercialization of agri-food items and developing as primary producers.

Aldo Prado Barreras, general director of the Florida Agricultural Company, explained that as part of the 26 tasks to be promoted, they are already working on the signing of contractual relations with 36 usufructuaries of land with high productive yield, they organize the planting of six caballerias of crops several and they intend to increase the control and management of the cattle mass in search of multiplying its growth.

In order to advance in such objectives in the current situation, the administration of the Agricultural Company must complete its staff, where main positions remain to be covered in fronts such as auditing, statistics, economy, security and protection, finance and legal advice.


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