Otero Business Unit increases production and marketing of food

Florida, Mar 31.- The Otero Agricultural Production Business Unit, of the municipality of Florida, maintains a strong commitment to increase the manufacture and commercialization of food, as part of the number one strategy line for the local development of the territory.

At the end of the first two months of the current calendar, the groups of the entity reported the production and sale of some 175 thousand units of croquettes and hamburgers, made with the use of alternative raw materials, which constituted for them an overcompliance with the plan at that stage.

Even though this figure remains far from the demand made by the highest leadership of the Communist Party and the Government of the province of Camagüey to satisfy the demands of the population of Florida and different municipalities, the aforementioned entity diversified its offer and offered food variants in prioritized centers, fairs, restaurants and other entities.

During January and February, the production of sweets based on rice flour and bomba fruit, chorizo dough and ajiaco cuts, among other lines, stood out, with a positive reception by the Floridian population.


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