Díaz Canel highlights historic ties between Cuba and Angola

Díaz Canel highlights historic ties between Cuba and Angola

Díaz Canel highlights historic ties between Cuba and Angola

Cuba, Sep 29 – Kifangondo and Cuito Cuanavale are spaces of Angolan geography and history that are deeply rooted in the patriotic sensitivity of Cubans, ” the Cuban First Vice-President Miguel Diaz-Canel said in Luanda.

Diaz-Canel visited the National Museum of Military History in Luanda as part of his stay since last Monday for the inauguration of President Joao Lourenço.

In the guided tour he was accompanied by Cándido van Dunem, Minister of Former Combatants, and Silvestre Antonio Francisco, director of the institution, which holds some 10,000 pieces related to the history of that country, especially in the struggle for independence.

This museum, in our view, has the enormous responsibility to make known this beautiful and heroic story to future generations, wrote the Cuban leader in the visitors’ book.

The Cubans, he said, are proud of this story. It is a healthy pride and without vanity, he remarked.
To this land, together with the Angolan brothers, we came to fight for their independence and then to contribute to the peace and restoration of the country, he said.

He later met with some of the Cuban collaborators who are on mission in this African country.

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