Internet at home service expanded through all Cuba

Internet at home service expanded through all Cuba

Internet at home service expanded through all Cuba

Cuba, Sep 29 – As part of its intention to taking Internet services to Cuban homes, the Cuban Telecommunications Company (Etecsa), as of September 29, will continue to commercialize the Nauta Hogar service, incorporating it gradually, and until the month of December, to all the provinces of the country.

Amarelys Rodríguez Sánchez, Operations Director of the La Habana Division Network, explained that the service will begin in the provincial capitals of Pinar del Río, Las Tunas, Holguin, Granma, Guantanamo and some of its popular councils, where technical conditions are created that allow them to provide the service.

Anyone who has a phone line in his house will be a potential customer and will be contacted by telephone to arrange the appointment, if they are interested, to sign the service contract, specifying the day, time and place of the same, she added.

The offer consists of an allowance fee of 30 hours per month for any speed that is paid once (15 CUC); the monthly fee that depends on the speed requested in the contract; a telephone service with technical conditions that allow the configuration of the contracted speed; the purchase of a terminal equipment (modem) and an account of access nauta with domain @, which is associated with the telephone link, as well as optionally an e-mail account @

For the use of the service, the user must have a computer available (PC or Laptop) and is accessed through a nauta account (with domain @ which will include 30 hours of navigation that are not cumulative, therefore they must be consumed within the month. In case they do not have a nauta account, Etecsa will be enabled for free.

Rodríguez Sánchez, who leads the Nauta Hogar project, emphasized that if the customer hires the speed of 1024/256 Kbps, the first month will be available for free, receiving a bonus of 15.00 CUC for the first month of entitlement.

Those customers who contract higher speeds will be subsidized with the same amount – 15.00 CUC equal for the first month – and only have to pay the difference depending on the selected speed.

Etecsa will also guarantee the sale of an ADSL modem in the same commercial offices – at a price of 19.00 CUC each equipment – and accessories for the customer to install the service on their telephone line, and will also be given a quick installation guide.

Once the Nauta Hogar contract has been made, the service will be enabled within the next 72 hours and notified by telephone. The countdown begins when the service starts and later all the first days of each month. If the hours that are included in their account are exhausted, the account can be recharged by the established routes by prepaying the additional traffic (time) that they want to consume, “said César Domínguez, commercial director of the Services Division of Etecsa.

For its part, Havana, which until now only had the service in two popular councils of Old Havana as part of the pilot test that culminated last February 28, already has more than 600 accounts active and will be extended throughout the capital to the extent that each zone has the technical conditions to do so.

The commercialization of 38,000 capacities is foreseen in principle, Domínguez said.

In cases where the user, at the time of contact, does not have the conditions to take over the Nauta Hogar service, they can contact the commercial office again and, if there are available capacities, the contract will be made.(ACN)

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