Central Committee of the Communist Party checks exports of Florida

Florida, May 20.- Ricardo Ramos Hernández, official of the Economic-Productive Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, checked export and foreign investment activities in Florida this Thursday, as part of the comprehensive visit he is making these days to the province of Camagüey the Secretariat of the highest instance of the political organization in the country.

Miroslava Pacheco Martínez, specialist of the branch in the Municipal Administration Council, explained that during the first quarter of the year only three of the eight exportable lines of the territory were fulfilled: honey from bees and shrimp and tench captures, a species that is sold headless and gutted.

Ramos Hernández learned about some of the main insufficiencies and difficulties that cause non-compliance with the production of charcoal and the recycling plans for bronze and stainless steel scrap for export, and in reference to these cases, he ratified the local administrative responsibility to deepen evaluations and increase control and demand in the field, to specify the necessary solutions to each problem.

The official of the Economic Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, also appreciated that the identification of local projects for the foreign investment portfolio is insufficient in Florida, as part of the necessary strategy to search for sources of financing in order to promote activities productive and economic that the municipality demands for its development and recommended increasing the investigations to reverse this situation.

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