Floridian professionals in medical collaboration in more than 15 sister nations

Florida, Oct 7.- More than a hundred professionals from the Public Health system of the municipality of Florida today share their knowledge and multiply the humanism of the Cuban Revolution through the different missions of medical collaboration in various continents of the planet.

Some 15 nations around the world, including Venezuela, Qatar, Mozambique, Jamaica, Cabo Verde, the Congo, the Maldives, Saudi Arabia and Dominica, benefit from the solidarity of Floridian health workers and their readiness to reach the regions most humble with the purpose of preventing diseases and saving lives.

The 102 collaborators, men and women, Doctors, Nurses and Graduates in Health Technologies, together with the administrative and Computer Science personnel who left Florida for other lands where medicine is not shared equally, defend the prestige of their municipality and the altruism of its people.

Even when imperialism and its most reactionary representatives insist on sabotaging the Cuban Health Collaboration in other nations of the planet, by inciting the abandonment of the country’s professionals, the vast majority of them return to the Homeland with recognition and pride for the duty fulfilled.


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