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Cuba committed to defending the objectives of sustainable development

Florida, Oct.- Cuba prioritizes, as an inescapable responsibility of the Communist Party, the State and the Government, the defense and implementation for its people of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations Organization (UN) to achieve them before 2030.

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Young Florida Communists Active and Committed to Their Time (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 10.- The Union of Young Communists (UJC) remains active in times when Cuba demands sacrifices and concrete actions to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic and increase food production for the people.

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Las Martinas, an entity that is committed to the diversification of productions (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 5.- The Basic production unit Cooperativa Las Martinas of the municipality of Florida stands out in the sugar cane system of central Argentina for the determination to get up and advance on all fronts of the agri-food task, an example of this is the planting and harvest of vegetables and vegetables in an organoponic that maintains sustained and varied sales to the population of the surrounding communities, as reported by the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera in the following report.

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Young Floridians committed to the work of the Cuban Revolution (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 3 .- Committed to the time they have had to live, young Floridians actively participate in all the tasks that the municipality demands today and reaffirm their commitment to the work of the Revolution.

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Camagüey youth committed to the moment they have had to live (+ Audio)

Florida, March 20.- During the entire stage of confronting the Covid-19 pandemic, young Cubans have been active protagonists in all battle scenarios against this lethal disease, in work related to food production and care for vulnerable groups in society. Continue reading

Well-spoken portrait of a committed young man (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 23.-Young Cubans always had Fidel’s trust in each task assigned by the Revolution. Currently, thousands of them assume various responsibilities to strengthen the work of socialism and safeguard the sovereignty of the nation against the brutal blockade of Yankee imperialism.

Arley Benítez Moreira, principal specialist of the Electromedicine Workshop in the municipality of Florida, is one of those new pines and anonymous heroes who push the bandwagon of the Homeland every day, aware that being useful is better than being princes. The journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera presents his testimony in the following report.

Artists and writers of Cuba committed to improving education

Artists and writers of Cuba committed to improving education

Artists and writers of Cuba committed to improving education

Cuba, Nov 10 – The National Council of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) held its Sixth meeting, November 9, in the Theater of Havana’s National Fine Arts Museum. Continue reading