Pediatric vaccination in Florida benefits young athletes (+ Post)

Florida, Sep 23.- The Sports family in the municipality of Florida highly values ​​the possibility of reinforcing the protection of its youngest talents against COVID-19, through the National Vaccination Program for pediatric ages, in the that also in this municipality children and adolescent athletes are immunized.

According to Yosdenis León Herrera, Head of Sports Activity in the territory, the immunization program with the Cuban vaccines Abdala and Soberana02 includes more than 80 Floridian athletes, students from the School of Sports Initiation (EIDE) Cerro Pelado de the province of Camagüey, where the municipality is represented in 19 disciplines.

At the end of this September 20, a total of 12 Floridian athletes in terminal grades from the Provincial Center have already accumulated in their bodies two doses of Abdala, while another 70 between 11 and 18 years of age began in the municipality the vaccination scheme with the Sovereign immunogen 02.

The young talents of the sports family in Florida are vaccinated in their municipality of residence where the national vaccination program is also underway to reinforce the protection of pediatric ages against COVID-19, as part of the will of the Cuban State to immunize as many of its population as possible to preserve collective health.

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