Cuban students are invited to a contest for innovation

Florida, May 27.- Pioneers together for innovation. Share your ideas, is the most recent contest that summons Cuban students of primary, secondary and special education, with the aim of encouraging the exercise of the rights of children and adolescents and stimulating in them the search for innovative initiatives that solve problems of everyday life.

Convened by the José Martí Pioneer Organization (OPJM) and the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment (CITMA), the contest will be held at the different educational levels in schools, to be held later at the level of municipalities, provinces and those that are outstanding will attend the national meeting that will take place in April of next year 2023.

In this event it will be possible to participate individually or collectively and emphasis should be placed on identifying the main problems that surround them and proposing the solutions that the participants found from their perspectives, and in correspondence it will be the support in which the works will be presented.

OPJM and CITMA invite Cuban children and adolescents to share their ideas and solve everyday problems at home, school and the community, through the Pioneers ,together for innovation contest.

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