Self-employed with three or more minor children will benefit from paying taxes

Florida, May 28.- With the intention of benefiting working mothers linked to the self-employed sector and who have three or more children under 17 years of age, they will be granted a 50 percent bonus in the payment of income tax personal.

Leyanis Lima Pérez, taxpayer service officer at the National Tax Administration Office (ONAT) of Florida, explained that both mothers who pay taxes under the simplified regime, as well as under the general regime, will receive this reduction in quotas.

Workers from other forms of non-state management, including artists, creators, technicians and support staff, are also entitled to receive this tax credit, determined according to the Affidavit in the process of liquidation of the fiscal year, added the official.

Working mothers in the self-employed sector with three or more children under the age of 17 must make a written request to the ONAT to obtain a 50 percent discount on the payment of personal income tax and from the presentation of this document the The office has 30 calendar days to respond to said claim. (Marisol Leon Alvarez/Radio Florida)

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