Popular initiatives will accompany popular referendum day in Florida

Florida, Sep 24.- Various popular initiatives and the main mass organizations of the municipality of Florida will accompany the day of the legislative referendum on the new Family Code scheduled for this Sunday, September 25, when the people will go to the polls with the order to accept or stop the entry into force of this transcendental regulation.

At the same time that the polling stations keep their doors open to receive voters, other neighborhood and community spaces will promote the execution of collective broths, children’s, cultural and food sales activities, to accompany in a respectful, supportive and harmonious way the new expression of the popular will.

Organizations such as the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), the peasant organization and the labor movement of the territory in each place will also have the opportunity to deploy initiatives, including recognition of voters whose number in the line of voters coincide with the digit of special dates and anniversaries to commemorate these days.

They highlight, among other possible events to highlight, the foundation of the CDRs, the Day of Rural Women or the anniversary of the signing of the Second Agrarian Reform Law in Cuba.

The almost unique opportunity and responsibility in the world of, through a referendum, paving the way for a law such as the Family Code, which distributes and multiplies rights for all, deserves support at the polls and in the joy and enthusiasm summoned to embellish this democratic act.

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