The work of the cultural institutions of Florida in Ecured will be promoted

Florida, Sep 30.- To promote the cultural work of Floridian institutions and the history they treasure, the Union of Informatics of Cuba (UIC), together with specialists from the Municipal Culture Sector and the Comunicarte Project, will publish new audiovisual content to the Ecured Collaborative Encyclopedia.

The initiative arises in view of the celebration of the 98th birthday of the declaration of the Municipal District of Florida and until December 15, the date on which the Anniversary is commemorated, the publications will be updated with the support of the workers of the four Young Computer and Electronics Club, institutions with a greater role in the process of Computerization of society.

The information that will be published on the Ecured collaborative platform was compiled by specialists from the culture sector and updated by managers and artists linked to cultural institutions in the territory.

The presentation of the publications is recorded and is dedicated to the municipal House of Culture, an entity that has 43 years with a commendable trajectory in the formation of workshops for the creation and appreciation of the arts and the promotion of the aesthetic taste of the Floridian population.


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